Supernatural Round Table: "Stairway to Heaven"

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It's almost time to face off with Metatron, but first our Supernatural Round Table panelists Carissa Pavlica, Sean McKenna and Alice of The Winchester Family Business have got to discuss the penultimate episode of Supernatural Season 9.

That means chatting about reapers, angel bombers, a Sam and Castiel team-up and Dean going darker than ever.

Grab your bowling shoes and let's discuss Supernatural Season 9 Episode 22...

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene?

Carissa: This was a really strange episode. I loved so much about it in pieces, but all together it was such a bummer. I'll say it was this scene, when Tyrus just said what everyone has always been thinking about Metatron and summed it up with a quote:

"So you’re turning me down because of bowling?" - Metatron

"And I like being an independent operator, and I hear you’re losing, and I hate your face." – Tyrus

"Well, I could get a new face." – Metatron

"It’d still be you; a nerd, trying to be one of the popular kids. Nuh uh." – Tyrus

Alice: A favorite scene would presume that there was a bit of this episode I enjoyed. Scanning, scanning... nope got nothing. I did laugh once though and that was Castiel giving Sam and Dean the aliases of Agents Spears and Aguilera because he knows all the pop culture references now and noticed their aliases were names of popular musicians. Dean’s “wow” said it all! That is such a Cas thing to do. 

Sean: I liked aspects of this episode, but it still felt like something was missing, so I definitely tried focusing on the stuff with Sam and Dean. That said, the ending really got me with Dean going berserk on Gadreel. I had a feeling he would do something, but still, seeing him actually turn on that darkside was intense.

Did you like Sam and Castiel teaming up again?

Carissa: I'm enjoying them teaming up, but part of me also longs for the closeness that Cas had with Dean. Dean is getting closer to Crowley and that's only because he's wielding the First Blade. Everything is getting all messed up, and it's worrisome. I'm all for the brothers branching out in their friendships, but I don't like the reasons behind it.

Alice: Yes. Granted their little side errand was pointless, but I adore Sam and Castiel together.  I’m just not sure why they are only now having the “What’s wrong with Dean?” conversation. Hasn’t he been off for a while? Wouldn’t Castiel know a lot more about the Mark of Cain, being an angel and all? One thing did bother me about their time together though. Why is Sam driving Castiel’s car? Would you want an angel behind the wheel? It’s not like he gets tired, and he’s got some mojo for avoiding wrecks. He could also easily get out of speeding tickets. It just seemed odd.

Sean: I agree that their team-up for the hour felt ultimately irrelevant, but their working together does feel fresh. We always see Dean and Castiel, which does work, but I'm all for switching it up. That said, I'm really just wanting Sam and Dean to get back on the same page. Is that a broken record talking? Supernatural needs to get that brotherly spark back in amongst all the dark and apocalyptic danger.

Were you glad to see Tessa the reaper back?

Carissa: No. She offed herself for Metatron! What a horrible reason to bring her back. Another recurring character has bitten the dust. I don't want the entire toy box of characters used up and gone by the end of Season 9. Only one episode to go; how many more can we lose. Right? RIGHT?! If Crowley goes, I'm going to need a lot of whatever that brown stuff they've taken to drinking in the bunker is.

Alice: No. As soon as I saw that Andrew Dabb was the writer, I knew he was bringing her back just to kill her. That’s his M.O. because he needs that shocking death so it’ll mean something. Except it didn’t.  he looked so out of place, plus I’ll never ever buy the reapers are angels thing. Her death ended up being the “WTF?” that tells me these writers are just plain out of ideas. 

Sean: Oddly enough, no. I like when characters come back, but here it felt forced, like to have someone from the past just cause. And she killed herself! The show wanted it to be a dramatic moment, but it missed the mark. And I agree with Alice about the reapers being angels just doesn't sit well. I wonder who will return for the finale...

Were you surprised Metatron was behind the angel bombers?

Carissa: No. It makes sense. He created the army, so that he maintained some control over them only makes sense. It's upsetting that he managed to get through to someone who knew Sam and Dean so well. I suppose Tessa really wanted to die. She looked happy as she disappeared into a ball of light. I'm with Tyrus, I hate Metatron's face.

Alice: No, I would have been surprised if he wasn’t. He was the obvious choice. I wish it turned out to be a rogue angel out there that’s a new player in this mess. Or Gadreel branching out on his own. Or it really was Castiel, just as a mind f***. But when it turned out to be a device so Metatron could monologue about his wretched story in front of Gadreel I was not impressed. This is our big, bad menace?  I’d rather have the Leviathan back. 

Sean: Not really. It just felt... obvious. It's weird because I really liked the introduction of Metatron as the new big bad, but it almost seems like the writers aren't quite what to do with him. Is he super evil? Super smart? Super nerdy? He sure does monologue a lot. I'm worried his defeat will wind up being anti-climactic, but fingers crossed it surprises me.

What are your thoughts on Dean striking Gadreel at the end?

Carissa: Sadness. I almost bought into his handshake. I should have known that Dean had fallen too far down the rabbit hole of the Mark of Cain to fully accept what Gadreel was offering. He's lost the ability to see goodness in people. I've known Gadreel was going to side with the Winchesters and Castiel for some time. He has been Sam. He know first hand what they are about and to finally get a clear understanding of Met's plan surely sent him running. I wish Gadreel had gone out fighting for the cause against Met instead of at the hands of Dean. Unless he's still in the fight. I guess we'll find out.

Alice: It’s terrifying as hell. He did that during a gentleman’s agreement! He’s clearly off the rails and has probably passed his point of no return in controlling his urges. I think the only thing this season has going for it is Dean’s dark descent, and it was a truly shocking moment, but I’m very disappointed that it’s the one taking us to the season finale. How is that a setup for the big showdown to come? Off the rails Dean going after nerdy Metatron trying to play out a very cliched story? The fight with Abaddon had far more teeth and that ended up being too easy. I’m putting a lot of faith in Jeremy Carver to salvage this mess in the finale.   

Sean: This was ultimately my favorite scene because I think the whole concept of sending Dean down a dark spiral is a good story to explore. So to watch him brush off Gadreel's pleas and just use that Mark of Cain? He's off the rails. I just wonder how he can get back on? And didn't Cain say there would be a day when he came back to Dean? Might that be soon? This is definitely a promising arc for the character, but I hope it also ends with some nice payoff and not just brushed aside like it was nothing. How dark can Dean actually go?

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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