The 100 Review: Destroyers

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Life on the ground is brutal. Utterly brutal.

The teens may have freedoms that they didn't have up on the Ark, but they're being forced to fight for their lives.

On The 100 Season 1 Episode 10, the fight against the Grounders escalated when an attack was made within their camp. The failed peace talks sparked a new and dangerous conflict.

For the most part, the infighting has ceased inside the camp with the exception of a few minor disagreements. If the Grounders would have attacked when the 100 first arrived, the battle would have been swift and devastating. Now that the teens have sound leadership, unity, and guns, they will be more difficult to fight.

The Grounders used Murphy in a cunning manner to provide an advantage against their enemy. The 100 may have superior weapons, but they don't have the knowledge of the land and environment that the Grounders do. When all is done, there will be many deaths on both sides..

I was surprised that Clarke wasn't more suspicious about Murphy's return. He may have been tortured and bloodied, but he was put in that position because the group exiled him. Given his temperament, it was naive to believe he didn't hold a grudge. At the same time, Bellamy's desire to kill Murphy right away was short-sighted as well.

I wonder if Bellamy wants Murphy gone more to relieve himself from the reminder of his contribution to what happened with Charlotte, Wells and ultimately Murphy. It will be intriguing to see how the group handles Murphy going forward.

While there wasn't any indication that Murphy knew he was carrying a deadly illness into the camp, I wouldn't be shocked to find out he was aware. He has no love for the people that sent him out into the wild alone. Once the outbreak hit, he played the role of helper and healer almost too well. He's manipulative and very dangerous.

I'm a sucker for a redemption story so when he forgave Connor, I believed him. Murphy didn't waste any time showing his true colors though by killing Connor, it's just too bad that no one knows what he did. At least Bellamy is still suspicious of him, so it's likely he will be watched closely.

With bullets running out, a sick group and the Grounders headed their way, Raven's idea to bomb the bridge looked like their only option. She showed her perseverance, strength and sacrifice when she was willing to give up her life to make sure the bomb was detonated. 

Raven may be rough around the edges, but she's smart and fierce. The group needs her, so I was glad to see that Finn got to her in time. Jasper with Monty's help saved the day and blew up the bridge.

BOOM! That was a huge explosion. The Grounders biological warfare was reminiscent of the early colonist attacks on the Native Americans, while the mushroom cloud brought the image of an atomic bomb explosion. It's a fight between two groups with entirely different frames of reference and technological advances. Both very deadly.

"I am become death, destroyer of worlds."

Robert Oppenheimer said that he was reminded of that line from the Hindu scripture, Bhagavad Gita, after watching the first nuclear detonation known as the Trinity Test. It was fitting that Clarke would recall that after seeing the bridge explosion. It also highlights the importance of nuclear history on the Ark. 

After the fighting broke out at the bridge, Finn said, "Well, if we weren't at war already, we sure as hell are now." With the bombing, there's no going back. They are at war. Given the magnitude of the explosion, it's likely that other the clans and perhaps the mysterious "Mountain Men" that Lincoln mentioned will become a greater threat now as well.

Overall, this was a tense hour. Given the deaths that we've seen so far, I feared for all of the characters throughout the ordeal. There were 15 deaths at the camp, but all of the main characters made it out alive which was a relief. I doubt that luck will continue throughout the remaining three episodes. 

While they lived, relationships died. Raven broke up with Finn even though he saved her life. He was committed to her once she arrived, but Raven could see how he was drawn to Clarke. She didn't want him out of obligation or honor, so she let him go. She did the right thing for them both. They love each other and always will, but neither of them seems "in love" with the other.

Meanwhile, Octavia told Lincoln she couldn't go with him. Her loyalty is to her brother and her people. What will Lincoln do? I'm not sure he's willing to leave her behind. I'd love to see him join Octavia at the camp, but I doubt that would go over well with Bellamy. Lincoln's helped them, but she's his little sister. We'll have to see.

There's only three episodes left and so much is left unknown both on the ground and up on the Ark. It's been a wild, exciting and intense ride so far and the stakes just keep on getting raised.

What should happen to Murphy now?

I Am Become Death Review

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The 100 Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I am become death, destroyer of worlds


Finn: Raven, I love you.
Raven: Not the way that I want to be loved. Not the way that you love Clarke. It's over Finn.