The Mentalist Round Table: "Black Hearts"

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A monster was stopped and a decision was made on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 21 - but was it the right one?

Below, TV Fanatics Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by The Mentalist fan Sabrina to discuss Teresa's choice, Pike's impulsive proposal, and who was the biggest monster in "Black Hearts."

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Were you surprised by Teresa's decision?

Robin: I wasn't surprised. Stability is the key word for Lisbon, I think, and when she got offered a job, it allowed her to see the move as something that would work out to be stable while allowing her to maintain her independence.

Sabrina: Not really, to be honest. It doesn't make me less sad about it though....But I understand her as just like any other human being, she's been waiting for something to happen in her life. She may feel like she needs to DO something to move forward. And she's been waiting for Jane to declare himself, which didn't happen.

Christine: No. Pike has been giving her every reason to go and playing things just right as Jane just stands there and watches. This could be a good career move plus gives her current romantic relationship a chance. On paper it sounds like the right move. 

Pike's proposal. Is it impulsively romantic or pushy?

Robin: Not romantic, maybe slightly pushy, but mostly just plain silly and ill-considered. Lisbon took weeks to decide if she even wants to commit to live in another city with him, and he thought a PROPOSAL was the best thing to do immediately on receipt of that painstakingly slow decision?!? I mean...seriously? 

Sabrina: Pushy, definitely! I'm not saying that a proposal should include the beautiful place and the man kneeling down while there's a violonist playing in the background but come on, seriously? Pike was like "Alright, DC issue : check! She's in the mood to say yes to everything! Next question now! ". Plus I think he's asking for too much and this is not the shipper speaking here. I don't hate Pike but I don't like that he just comes and takes it all over – Anthony's tattoo kinda reminds me of him : « I came, I saw, I conquered ». You can't ask someone to change their whole life for you, just like that.  Clearly Lisbon was moved by this proposal but also scared.

Christine:  It feels like whenever he gets what he wants he immediately pushes for more. And I don't believe we've heard either of them say, "I love you" yet he's proposing. Pushy, yes. Weird, definitely. Romantic? Not even close.

Why didn't Lisbon tell Jane that she's decided to leave for D.C.?

Robin: Honestly, I'm not exactly sure. Maybe she couldn't bring herself to do it. Maybe she wanted more time when Pike wasn't waiting for her downstairs. Maybe she saw Jane was in a good mood. Maybe his comment about them being a good team (sometimes) made her chicken out.   honestly couldn't read her in that moment.

Sabrina: To me, there are several possible reasons. She may be scared of hurting him. Or she doesn't want toadmit to herself that she's moving. As long as she doesn't say it to Jane, it doesn't become official. Also, I'm thinking of Jane and Lisbon's conversation on the plane in Green Thumb, when she accused him of running away from her. Maybe she's a bit embarrassed to tell him she might be the one running away this time....Or she's afraid he might not react at all.

Christine: It's definitely fear but of what I'm not entirely certain. Jane's reaction? That he'll try and change her mind? That he won't? Or that she simply doesn't want to hurt him? I wish I knew.

Can Jane continue to get away with these types of elaborate cons at the FBI?

Robin: I think Jane can get away with them as long as the FBI is in on it - and they're more fun that way - but he pushes his luck when he does it behind their backs.  I'm not even sure how they got away with this one.  Wasn't that hospital an active crime scene? 

Sabrina: I hope so! Well, the last one was a bit risky but where would be the fun if it wasn't? What's more, I like that the rest of the FBI team agrees with those cons. I remember hating Abbott and Fischer the first time they appeared on my screen and seeing Wylie as an annoying character. But now they really form a team with Jane, Lisbon and Cho.

Christine: Abbott gives Jane a lot of leeway and usually goes along with his plans but if he goes behind his back too often, Jane may find himself in big trouble. Abbott's no fool and he won't put up with that for long.

Who was the bigger monster: Ridley, Lark or Anthony?

Robin: Ridley. Lark at least knew what he was doing was wrong, and Anthony was a paid assassin. Ridley actually believed that what he was doing was righteous and justified; he believed that the girls' life was less important than the people he sold the organs to. His depravity was the most disturbing.

Sabrina: Ridley. The two others were obviously his puppets. They're all monsters each in their own way of course. Human trafficking is something I find truly sickening. But I can't explain why I didn't find Anthony scary. And Lark looked a bit pitiful.

Christine: Anthony was a hardened, paid assassin. Lark was a man with a soul so damaged no one could save him but Ridley was a real piece of work. He was a true misogynist. He hated women so much that he sold them like merchandise and butchered them for their parts. A truly scary man. 

What was your favorite scene from this episode of The Mentalist Season 6?

Robin: As much as I didn't quite like the con, I did enjoy the scene where Jane and Lisbon were pulling it off. It's always funny watching Jane try to guide Lisbon through the cons, how to act, where to rub the fake blood. 

Sabrina: I hesitate between the couch scene and the « torture » scene. So I'd say both. The way Lisbon and Jane stared at each other for a few seconds on the couch was pure bliss. But I also loved seeing them dressed up as sadistic surgeons cutting a man open in that creepy room – I love horror movies, it helps! And I love that Jane gets to dress up more and more often. After the chauffeur's suit and the scarf, seeing him wearing a surgical gown felt nice!

Christine: Cho telling Lisbon exactly what she meant to him and that it had been an honor to work with her no matter what her decision  I wanted to hug Kimball Cho in that moment. 

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