Vikings: Watch Season 2 Episode 10 Online

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On Vikings Season 2 Episode 10, Horik's time as King is over when Ragnar beats him at his own game.

Floki the trickster had been fooling us all season: he had always remained true to the Gods and his friend Ragnar. He played Horik well.

Meanwhile, Lagertha and Aslaug discovered a kind of peace, while Porunn played hard to get with Bjorn, yet he wins her over.

Finally, Athelstan teaches Ragnar to pray to his Catholic God.

Watch Vikings online to check all this out and more:

Athelstan and Ragnar's unique friendship

Vikings Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Horik: Forgive me Floki. I know I should trust you but I need proof.
Floki: Proof?
Horik: Yes, prove to me I can trust you. Prove to me you are on my side.
Floki: How can I prove it?
Horik: Kill someone. Someone who matters.

I've seen you pray to your God. Will you teach me one of your prayers so I can learn?