Warehouse 13 Review: Defining Moments

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This is not how I expected Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 6 would wrap up the series. 

Using a bunch of old, but really new clips that were supposed to be defining moments for each character was a really odd idea to conclude a television show.

The idea, in theory, makes a lot of sense; the scenes put a bow on the characters at this point in the series and the scenes give just enough to depict their future.

Claudia's defining moment, for example, shows her as making up her mind that she does not want to be Caretaker, while Artie's defining moment (son included) is all to prove to Claudia that she can change her mind if she wants to, nothing is set in stone. 

I think all of these clips were all that ended up on the writers' cutting room floor as they tried to decide how to best conclude series in six episodes. But each ended up making the series finale just a little more difficult, condensing a quick story and the charms of Warehouse 13.

It's unfortunate that Syfy did not choose to give Warehouse 13 Season 5 a bigger order of episodes in their last hurrah, but beggers cannot be choosers. 

Back on topic... Myka's defining moment with ninja housewives helped Steve show her how in love she really is with Pete - and the moment between Pete and Myka as they admitted their feelings to each other and kissed was just magical enough without being overbearing.

The two were friends before they loved each otherand this deeper relationship does not leave their friendship and partnership at the door. They still playfully banter with each other and have fun together. 

Pete's moment was the strongest of all of them. He has often been the center and soul of the drama, juggling many roles for each person. It makes sense that his defining moment involved all of it.

He enjoyed every single second he had with all of them and he does not wish for it to end at all. He's a better man because of their adventures and their friendship and love for each other. 

The final moments of the finale - as the gang gets one final ping and they all huddle around Artie - was the best wrap up the series could provide. It was satisfying but not definitive, remaining true to the roots of the series.

While the show has a lot of fun, there's plenty of danger and artifacts to continually bag and tag - there's no time to stop, not even for defining moments. 

Odd and Ends: 

  • Claudia's future as caretaker was never really in question. As the only character to be shown in the future, she has embraced her destiny to become the next caretaker. Thankfully, even in the future she'll never lose what makes her Claudia, but as the years do progress she uses the table to get back to the times that still stick with her the most.
  • The installment focuses on describing a time when the Warehouse will come to an end, at least in the United States, yet in the future it is still there. Sure, there was never really any set time for the Warehouse to move, but it felt overdone in the finale. The introduction with H.G. was strong enough to emphasize that all hosting countries eventually pass on the Warehouse to the next country.
  • H.G. Wells does get one final sendoff in the past, a defining moment with Claudia and Steve and a passing reference to being with a woman now.
  • The Warehouse acknowledging all that Artie has done for it by rolling him an apple after his rant.
  • Leena gets one final scene with Mrs. Frederick, cue the water works. 

What did you think of the Warehouse 13 series finale? Grade it!

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