Beauty and the Beast Review: Murder in Suburbia

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Just as we thought, there will never be a normal life for VinCat.

It's not because they don't have the opportunity for that life, it's because they don't want it. Especially Cat.

On Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 2, they were given new identities by Agent Knox to get out of town for a while and live as Tim and Veronica Vaughn so that he could work on clearing Vincent's name.

Of course, he moved them in right across the street from an unhappily married woman having an affair with a local deputy on the week they planned to murder her husband. 

The hour showed some real potential to shake things up for a while with them living in suburbia. With Cat's cover as a mystery writer, she could have done a lot of sleuthing to keep herself occupied while they stayed off the radar and Gabe was convicted.

It was pretty clear that Vincent was ready to let it all go for a while, to kick back and relax. I loved him wandering into the fully stocked kitchen in a robe asking if he could prepare breakfast. We have no idea if they can survive as couple with a normal life and neither do they.

Cat's need for truth, justice and the Manhattan way proved that they may never know the answer to that question. She is not cut out for normal. After years on the run, Vincent would probably sink into it happily. He knows how to turn off the need for speed; Cat, not so much.

If this wasn't a fantasy show, I'd be worried about their future. I still think they should have milked the suburban move for more than one episode, but it is what it is.

We got some clarity about Gabe in this episode. For those who thought Gabe didn't have the power to squash Vincent's federal exoneration, Knox reminded viewers that's who is standing in their way. For anyone who thought it was residual beast genes exploding inside of Gabe that allowed him to kill Jack Watson, Vincent laid that to rest while he sensed the scene. Gabe killed as a man only.

Gabe is completely off the rails. Given his childhood, his stint as a beast and the ridiculous amount of power he seems to have, it isn't surprising. He doesn't take no for an answer and for most of his adult life, he didn't have to -- he could sense things and kill and do it all when it was most convenient for him. Now he's just a dude, and an unlikable one at that.

That Gabe still thinks he's doing all of this for Cat is Crackpot 101 stuff. He's so blinded by his inability to have what he wants that he's lost any potential for rational thinking. My prediction is he will either end up in a straight jacket or dead. 

A big shout out to Tess and JT for being absolutely adorable. Tess pushing JT to stop relying on being Robin to Vincent's Batman was a great suggestion. He really doesn't have the faith in himself that he should, considering he kept them both safe for years and Vincent hidden. They are so supportive of one another and they're normal in a way Cat and Vincent never will be.

Bits and Bobs:

  • Do any of you pay close enough attention to the news these days to recognize a fugitive? Or would you scream out in public and point at him? What if he tried to shoot you? Plus, he gave them time to flee. Sheesh witness dude.
  • Gabe heading to the square to look for the man who spotted Vincent and finding him hours later was kind of ridic.
  • Did we know there was a crematorium for all of the dead bodies they've been leaving in their wake all this time? I knew about the sewers, of course, but a catacomb? And why light the area? What if someone stumbled upon it? At first I thought it was common ground, but since Gabe threatened exposure of it... enlighten me Beasties!
  • Are those of us who have lived in suburbia really that frightening to city folk?
  • LOVED when Cat thought the neighbor was flipping her off. Laugh out loud moment there.
  • Vincent rescuing Cat from the crime scene with the excuse that they're off to see the pastor was priceless. It might be fun to have a pastor scene somewhere in this world of theirs!
  • Cat deciding if she was going to have to behave like Barbie, then Vin might as well be Ken worked. After all, Barbie has many different career choices these days!
  • Considering how casual, comfortable and cute JT and Tess are as a couple, can you believe it took so long for them to discover each other?
  • Since they had access to that house, it would have been a perfect time for a VinCat bubble bath. You just know the bathroom was fantastic with a big soaking tub. How could they waste such an incredible opportunity? Just sayin'.

I'm not looking forward to Operation Fake Date because I imagine I will be cringing in embarrassment for Gabe the entire time. Let me know your thoughts on this installment and what you hope happens during the last two episodes of Beauty and the Beast Season 2.

What kind of love do you want to have?

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