Days of Our Lives Recap: Eve Wants Her Share

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Eve Donovan was back in full force this week on Days of Our Lives as she and Jennifer went head to head once again. But this time it wasn't over a man, it was all about the money. 

However, there was certainly plenty of talk about the men. Eve and Jennifer were both in love with Frankie Brady and they both married Jack. Albeit, Eve's marriage to Jack was a sham they concocted to split Eve's inheritance. Jack did it to save his beloved newspaper The Spectator but the marriage was later annulled. 

Turns out that's not the end of the story. According to Eve, Jack gave Eve a settlement along with the annulment which gave her the rights to a share of his future earnings…and that's where the book comes in. 

Jennifer is furious and I understand why.  In her words, Eve is a conniving witch who always thinks she's owed something for nothing but if that document is for real, there may not be much Jennifer can do about it. 

On a side note, I'm relieved that the show didn't get creative with it's timeline and try to make Paige Jack's daughter. Of course we have not idea who her daddy is, but I'm sure we'll get to that eventually. 

Funny thing is, I feel for Eve and I always have. Maybe it's because despite Jennifer's absentee parents, she still had lots of love and family support growing up as a Horton and Eve ended up a hooker at 14.

Or maybe I feel for Eve because it seems she really wants the money to be able to send her daughter to school. Which makes me wonder if the money will fall through and Paige will be forced to attend Salem U. That would certainly fuel the fire of the Eve / Jennifer rivalry for many more years to come. 

Elsewhere in Salem, Brady went to a meeting…and it was a bust. None of it got through to him and seeing his father attack Theresa only made things worse. 

Theresa's finally coming across as more human. She seems to be falling for Brady despite herself and Anne telling her that she wasn't the type of girl he'd marry really seemed to hurt. 

Plus, it was great fun to hear Theresa call herself the good sister compared to Eve! Oh, what a family the Donovans have turned out to be. I'm wondering if Andrew will ever wander back into Salem to deal with his sisters. 

I was really disappointed in Marlena this week. EJ practically begged her to come to the wedding and that it could be a big step in mending fences between her and Sami. I couldn't believe it when Marlena asked why it was her job to mend fences! How about because she's your daughter? Shouldn't that be enough?

Marlena's also quite obviously jealous of Roman and Giselle and I think it's kind of sad. She has had very little use for Roman for years but the first time another woman shows interest, suddenly she's jealous. I'm actually all for Roman having some fun with Giselle at the gala if it gives him some sort of a story.

Rafe and Jordan got back together and I still think these two are the most boring couple in Salem. Maybe Kate's revelations about Jordan's past will inject some drama into this pairing but I'm not getting my hopes up. 

Finally, Nicole may have snapped out of her snit when she learned that Daniel and Jennifer had broken up due to her machinations. Despite all of her harsh words, she really does want Daniel to be happy. I think helping Eric may be more about gaining Daniel's favor than her actual feelings for Eric. No matter if their relationship is platonic or more, I find Daniel more interesting when he's around Nicole than Jennifer.

You tell us TV Fanatics, who would you like to see Daniel paired with?

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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Nicole: [walking through house in towel] I know I left my flip flops in here somewhere.
Scooter: [whistles] Looking for these?
Nicole: Get out of here!
Scooter: Oh come on, Misty baby. I just came over here to borrow a cup of sugar.
Nicole: Don't call me that.
Scooter: You're all the sugar that I need. Bridgette, I saw Freddie leave with the kids. It's just the two of us. ANd I love what you're wearing.
Nicole: I told you, I am so not interested.
Scooter: Don't worry about anyone finding out. It'll just be our little secret.
Nicole: Like hell!
Scooter: You say one word to the wife and I'll blow the whistle on who you used to be.
Nicole: You know, I was forced into porn, okay, and that was like, 20 years ago. My husband understands. No one else is gonna care.
Scooter: Oh, I'm not talkin' about Misty Circle, porno queen. I'm talkin' about Nicole Walker. Kidnapper, fugitive from justice. Yep, that's right. I know your real secret.

You of all people should know a lie when you hear one.