Days of Our Lives Round Table: Eve Storms Back to Salem

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Eric's future hangs in the balance, Marlena gets jealous and Jennifer learned that Eve wants her share on last week's Days of Our Lives.

Below, TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Melly from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate the priesthood for Eric, Roman's love life, and if EJ and Sami should survive!


What do you think of Roman and Giselle and would you like to see Marlena and Roman get back together?

Nick: No, Roman and Marlena have not been a pair for eons. That ship has sailed. I would much rather Marlena and John slowly work their way back to each other, and to find love with each other again.

Melly:  I don't find myself a huge Roman and Giselle fan, but I do like that Roman is getting some airtime (finally!). I feel like he's been conspicuously absent during much of the trouble Eric's had. It's nice to see him with a love interest again, but I can take or leave Giselle. I might grow to like her if the writers flesh her character out a bit more. On the other hand, I certainly wouldn't want to see Roman and Marlena back together. She's bounced back and forth between Roman and John for years, and I'd like her unattached for a while. And frankly, I've never been convinced that Marlena really appreciated Roman. (Deep down inside, I'd really like Kate and Roman back together--I always thought they played off one another nicely.)

Christine:  I'm just happy to see Roman getting some air time and having fun. I agree that it's weird that he's been conspicuously absent from Eric's story. If they flesh out Giselle into a real character then I wouldn't mind seeing more of the two of them but I don't want Roman back together with Marlena. I simply don't think she deserves to have  him back and it still makes him look second best in her mind. 

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Do you want to see Eric become a priest again?

Nick: If the story is there, absolutely. It puts an end to any change for Eric and Nicole getting back together, but, at this point, there's no reason for them to have a go at it again when Nicole did what she did.

Melly:  I'm torn on Eric's future. While I think his recent experiences would allow him to empathize with his parishioners in a new way, I think I'd rather see him working in the church without rejoining the priesthood. To be honest, this is purely selfish on my part. I feel about Eric the way all the girls I knew felt about the Catholic priest who ran our college's campus ministry. He had to have been just out of seminary and he was ridiculously attractive...we called him "Brother What-A-Waste." :) Really, though, I like that Eric has the potential to bring something fresh to the storyline that he probably wouldn't if he were clergy.

Christine:  Being a priest seems to limit his stories in Salem so for that reason alone I think he should remain a part of St. Luke's but not go back to the priesthood. 

What do you think of Cassie DePaiva as Eve?

Nick: I loved her. She's been in Salem for a day and she's already causing Jennifer Horton hell. Sign me up for Team Eve.

Melly:  Oh my soul. I already love to hate Eve because Cassie DaPaiva's playing the character so well! She's a total mean girl and it is SO easy to see the similarities between Eve and Theresa! I'm looking forward to seeing these two actresses share some scenes, and the sooner the better.

Christine:  I was a big fan of Charlotte Ross as Eve but I'm really enjoying Cassie DaPaiva's reincarnation. I still feel the same soft spot for the vulnerable bad girl.

Should Jennifer be more open about her and Jack's past with their children?

Nick: I think she wants her children to keep a good image of their father with them, and so she attempts to shield them from the less than nice things Jack has done; however, Abigail and JJ are growing up, and they need to be prepared and know their father as a whole.

Melly:  Well, I think Jennifer is going to be forced to spill everything to the kids now that Eve is here. It's sort of a shame, really. I don't think that children need to know every little (or big) crummy thing their parents did when they were young--just the things that might impact the children in the future. Heaven knows, JJ has already had to deal with Jack being knocked off his "perfect father" pedestal and now the poor kid has all of this to work through as well? 

Christine:  In the internet age, I think she needs to prepare them for the truth because they will run into it at some point and look what being blindsided did to JJ. I know that she doesn't want to put that burden on her children but she can't pretend she and Jack were perfect people either. 

Do you hope to see EJ and Sami end up together or do you hope that this is the end of the couple for good?

Nick: I want it to be the end of them. Sami and EJ have never truly clicked for me in the same ways that Sami and Lucas have, or even Sami and Rafe for that matter. 

Melly:  Sometimes, I hope that Sami just uses what she knows to keep EJ under her thumb from here on out--partly because they're suited to each other and partly because, at some level, I think they truly love each other. Other times, I want Sami to humiliate EJ, take the kids, and ride off into the sunset to be the independent woman that she has shown us glimpses of over the years...

Christine:  I actually hope they somehow remain together. I think they love one another for who they really are. EJ doesn't expect Sami to be a better person like Lucas and Rafe do. I find that refreshing. Plus the kids are happy with them together so I'm hoping against hope that they somehow work through this. 

What was your favorite scene or story of the week?

Nick: Nothing better than a scorned Sami! Watching her plot with Kate, be completely phony with Abigail and EJ and acting oblivious around their obvious tryst eyes is so much fun to watch. I can't wait to watch what Sami has up her sleeve next. In terms of a close second, Aiden and Hope as always.

Melly:  There were actually several things I enjoyed this week, but I'll limit myself to two. First, all of the scenes with Abe, particularly with Sami, were great. Abe could really be a "father confessor" character, if he got more airtime, because of the connections he has to so many characters and storylines. Second, the scenes of Sami and Kate conspiring...terrific! Those two characters are so much alike that it's scary, and the two actresses always play off of each other so well. I love that they've gotten past their (many) differences in order to get what they want--I just can't wait to see exactly how they do it! 

Christine:  Surprisingly, I liked Theresa's scenes. I think she's really struggling with her feelings for Brady and she was really hurt when Anne told her that she's not the type that Brady would ever marry. Plus it was funny when when she jokingly referred to herself as the good sister when compared to half-sister Eve!

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