Days of Our Lives Round Table: The Truth Comes Out

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The lies came out as Gabi was shipped off to prison and they impacted many of Salem's residents on last week's Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by stickywicket from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate Daniel and Jennifer's latest argument, Sami and Kate's truce ending and their favorite scenes of the week.


Which do you like better? Sami and Kate scheming together or having them at each other's throats?

Nick: Why not both? That's the fun of their relationship, they are willing to let loosen their grips on each other's throats for their family, but at any moment we all know both of them can go right back to hating each other's guts and gunning to take each other down.

stickywicket:  I think either situation has its positives! Whether Kate and Sami are scheming together or at each other's throats, they both seem quick witted at insulting each other while pulling off great comedy!

Christine:  I actually prefer them when they're working together. I think they are much more fun when they have a common enemy and have to bond together. They've been at one another's throats for years and I'm just tired of it. 

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Would you like to see Melanie return to the show?

Nick: No, please Days Gods, no. I do not want another Jonas sucking down screen time. Doctor Super-Dan is enough Jonas already, so I don't need another one swooping in to save the day and taking screen time from better characters. Instead of Dan or Melanie give Lucas some screen time and story?

stickywicket:  If the storyline called for it, but I think the writers felt they needed to wrap up the storyline aboutGabi and Melanie before Gabi left.

Christine:  I kind of liked Melanie but as Nick points out, I don't want her to be a part of almost every story the way Daniel is. 

Daniel and Jennifer are arguing once again. Who is right this time?

Nick: I really do not care so long as the most boring couple in history can actually get some drama of some kind. I'm completely indifferent to watching them already, so I am all for watching them argue at least they can raise above their milquetoast relationship status. As for who is right, Jen is right on this one. Dan would never tell Eric, but would rather continue to pester Nicole about telling him the truth.

stickywicket:  I think Jennifer sees a lot of Jack in Nicole, where they have good intentions but just don't always follow through. I believe Daniel would have told Eric, if Nicole failed to, I think Jennifer needs to trust Daniel a little more.

Christine:  I think Jenn was right to tell Eric but it's clear she doesn't trust Daniel's judgment and whether she's correct or not I don't blame him for being hurt. Jennifer sounds like a hypocrite when she says it was OK when Daniel lied for her son but all the other times he's lied were wrong. 

Was Julie right to stick up for Nick and push for Gabi to go to trial?

Nick: Someone needs to be on Nick's side to cause conflict in the story among the Hortons, and Julie is best to do so since she's a one woman wrecking ball. However, I really dislike how much of an apologist Julie is for Nick while completely disregarding what Nick did to Will. She shrugs off everything Nick did to Will with a "oh he apologized" and she thinks that Gabi needs more time for murder when Nick himself only serves a few years for being a murderer himself. I'm so glad Rafe points out Julie's complete hypocrisy. I really wish Nick's attempted rape of Gabi came to light, so Julie could really decide for herself once and for all whether Nick was a man that truly deserved her support and sympathy.

stickywicket:  I think it was more about Julie sticking up for Nick's parents and grandmother, defending their rights. I think she knew deep down inside the dark side Nick possessed.

Christine:  Ugh. I just wanted someone to shake Julie. She wanted everyone to remember Nick as a smart loving boy but going to trial would have dredged up what a monster Nick truly was. I almost wish there had been a trial so we could have seen the look on Julie's face when all the truth came out. 

Marlena and Sami. Will their relationship ever change?

Nick: Much like Sami and Kate, there's an ebb and flow to Marlena and Sami. At one point, they're back to being mother and daughter, and everything is good between them ; the next moment, they're back to being off with each other, and judgments are made.

stickywicket:  I think, and it was even stated last week on the show, the problem between Marlena and Sami occurred when Sami caught her mother and John together, long ago. I think Sami realized that someone she looked up to and admired could have faults and this changed their relationship forever.

Christine:  If Marlena expects Sami to change, she's kidding herself. I don't think they'll ever completely get along. Sami will always be the black sheep in the family. Marlena will never approve of all she's done and Sami would do most of it all over again. 

What was your favorite scene or story line of the week?

Nick: I really enjoyed Gabi's final day. It's the perfect send off for her. She got to say goodbye to her family, and she leaves with dignity rather than with mistrust and questionable choices.

stickywicket:  I loved the Victor/Theresa/Brady scene. I think there is so much potential here, especially with the return of Eve Donovan. We need Kimberly and Shane back also, so they can add that wonderful, special impact to the mix. Charlie and Patsy have so many loyal fans and the chemistry between them is second to none, when they were on, those were the "Days of Our Lives."

Christine:  I agree stickywicket. I loved it when Victor said that Theresa reminded him of Kim. I couldn't help but flashback to Kimberly sleeping with Victor in order to save Shane all those years ago. It was my favorite moment of the week and I'd love to see more of the Donovans back in Salem. 

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