Drop Dead Diva Review: Safety First

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The second Owen saw Jane and Ian kissing at the end of Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 11, we knew it was going to be a huge problem. 

However, rather than talk about his concerns with Jane directly, Owen chose to discuss things with Kim.

Has he forgotten how poorly Kim and Jane get along?

I understand Owen talking to Stacy; Stacy is his girlfriend and Jane's roommate/best friend. If someone is going to be involved and talk to Jane, it would be Stacy. But Kim?!? That's just getting the office involved in Jane's personal business.

Now, I realize this whole drama in Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 12 can be looked at two very different ways. If I were an outsider, of course, I would think it odd that Jane was rebounding so quickly and intensely after the love of her life died.

However, we know that Jane and Ian are Deb and Grayson reincarnated and they have moved heaven and earth to be together. It's understandable that there will be obstacles. However, it's also understandable that they're going to get fed up with those obstacles.

I'm exhausted jumping through hoops trying to make my life look normal to the outside world. I'm done.


This episode was all about safety. So Kim and Owen were concerned with Jane's safety and well being with Ian.

Then they took on the case of Hank the bailiff after he was fired for saving Kim from a mugging. It turns out that doing so in a superhero costumes was making the court look bad.

Kim: You act like we're walking into an episode of "Game of Thrones".
Owen: Yes, with less nudity and more paperwork.

Yes, that was a Game of Thrones reference on Drop Dead Diva, timed perfectly with the finale!

It seemed like an unfair termination. Alas, Hank kept finding himself up against challenge after challenge until the end. I feel like I have found myself pleasantly surprised by Kim's tenacity and loyalty to her clients in Drop Dead Diva season 6. Maybe motherhood really has changed her?

On to Jane's case: she's the same compassionate woman we have always known and loved. She doesn't stop at the first rejection, she always goes the distance with her clients.

That's why I'm wondering if Jane's decision to quit was the right move. She is never really impulsive, she works very hard and loves helping people. What do you think?

Was quitting the right move for Jane?

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I gotta tell you, Jane/Ian sex is giving Deb/Grayson sex a run for its money.


Romeo and Juliet were 15 year old kids who knew each other for 3 days and then killed themselves after Juliet took a roofie from a priest.