Fargo Review: Pleasant Surprise

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That was a pleasant surprise!

Fargo Season 1 has primarily told the dark tale of Lester and Lorne. Molly has brought a breath of freshness to each hour and, well ... smarts to the police department.

At the same time, it's been frustrating to watch her enthusiasm and accurate detective work be demeaned. 

On Fargo Season 1 Episode 8, the story jumped forward a year to show that even though Lorne and Lester got away with murder at least something good came out of it. Molly and Gus were brought together, got married, and had a beautiful baby together. Gus even ended up with his dream job delivering mail. The best moment though had to be when Molly was called "mom." They created a fun, happy,  loving family.

Despite her positive family life, Molly never stopped her quest to prove what Lorne and Lester really did. She expanded her "collage" to draw connections between all the people involved and the killings. She definitely hasn't given up on getting justice and by the end it looked like she's not the only one.

It's almost unbelievable the complete turnaround Lester's life has taken since he met Lorne at the hospital and killed his wife. After framing his brother, he put the past behind him and moved forward. He trashed his wife's belongings, stood up to Gina Hess and stapled her sons' faces. Those actions signified the end of his old life. He became the top insurance salesman, landed a new sexy wife, and had a dream life. 

It was frustrating to see Lester living up life without a care in the world. His ego has gotten out of control. He has a nice, gorgeous wife and he didn't hesitate to flirt with the women at the bar. His overconfidence may end up costing him everything. He has Lorne to thank for his current situation, but the same man could take it all away.

For the first time since this all began, Lester and Lorne are sitting in a bar at the same time. What will Lester do? Leave without a word? That's doubtful. Lester looked highly uncomfortable and agitated. This chance meeting could end up being the beginning of the end for them. We can hope, right? I have no idea how it will all come about, but I'm enthralled by the idea.

Molly got turned down by the FBI, but with the File Room Agents coming across Lorne's photo and her still committed to the case maybe all hope isn't lost. If circumstances put them together, their determination to settle the case could be enough to finally bring down Lorne and also Lester.

Odds and Ends

  • Gina Hess' anger at Lester was hilarious. Teeth? Ha! He lied and took advantage of her, but I couldn't feel bad for her. She's not a nice person.
  • Bill's "We had drinks to celebrate." sums up his idiocy. Well, I guess if you celebrated, the case is closed.
  • Lorne's meeting with Mr. Wrench was intriguing. Never would have expected to help him try to get away. Did the deaf man find Lorne and team up with him? New partners?
  • The transition of the time jump from Gus in his police car through the forest to him delivering mail was perfect. And, then again as the camera panned down the Grimleys' bed to the insurance banquet.
  • I'm not sure what to make of Bill's "son" showing up. Is it for real? Or is he being conned? I really hope it's the latter. 

What surprised you the most after the time jump?

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