Keeping Up with the Kardashians Rekap: A Crap, Shoot

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When it komes to Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9, viewers must put up with a bunch of scripted bullsh-t each week.

On Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 10, however, Kris Jenner made it clear: she will not be picking up any more dog $hit.

Indeed, the installment was largely centered around Kendall Jenner not taking care of her canine, Blu.

It was left to Kris to pick up after the dog on multiple occasions, a situation that strongly angered the family matriach, especially when Blu ate one of her pillows and when Kendall failed to take responsibility.

She then got into it with Kim after the ex-sex tape star would only help with the dog by spraying some cologne in the general direction of the bad smell.

Later at spin class, Kris joined her older daughters and talked about how the music made her feel like she was at the club.

They mocked her a bit for trying to sound cool and always get attention and Kim made a remark about she only Twerks in the bedroom. Lucky Kanye West... we guess.

At a modeling shoot, Kim takes her mother's side in this whole dog business, prompting Kendall to attack her and Kim to shoot back that she's turning into a "mini Khloe." Ouch! Shot fired! (Editor's Note: Khloe is our favorite.)

But Kim's message of appreciation does eventually get through to her sisters. On a walk with the evil dog, Khloe tells Kendall that they should treat Kris better, prompting a group hug upon their return that takes Kris aback. She asks if her kids have been drinking.

Later that night, Khloé and Malika are in the car and about to pick Kris up for a "surprise." They end up taking her to a club, where everyone dances their face off and Khloe concluded by realizing her mom is "the glue that holds the family together."

She holds their money together at least, that much is certain.

ELSEWHERE, Scott tried to buy a van for work and drove around in it a bit... until Kourtney convinced her baby daddy that it wasn't necessary. 

Yes, readers, Scott Disick spent the episode trying to claim he works.

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