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Taking over a week to get your hunger strike demands down on paper when there are only two participating is surely an indication that it's not meant to be.

Things took a very serious turn on Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 11 as Poussey reached the end of her rope, Sister Ingalls joined the hunger strike only to be force fed, Boo made a bad decision and Piper learned she's being transferred.

The thought of Orange is the New Black being in the comedy category for the Emmy Awards just doesn't hold weight anymore. There's little funny here, but a lot to contemplate.

Peace, Sister Ingalls

The reasons people wind up in prison is scary as hell. Protesting and things like that are just ridiculous catalysts to send people to federal prison. We're not even talking county jail here, but prison for goodness sakes.

The hunger strikers were worried about the over use of SHU and the illegalities of compassionate release, but if you go back a bit farther and think why they're in prison in the first place, it's enough to make your blood boil.

There was a lot of emphasis on the prison hierarchy during this installment. Figueroa was trying to weave the word "rape" into a benefit concert that seemed to be for husband, but from which she was hoping to get good press for the prison. How far up her ass is her head that she thinks using the word rape would benefit anything?

Caputo is just thrilled to find out that maximum security has gotten new riot gear, so minimum is getting all of their leftovers. "How will riot gear stop rape?" he asks Fig. Seriously. Assuming Piper Kerman used her real experiences to craft what we're seeing, we should all go on a hunger strike.

Healy's growth has been truly fascinating and enjoyable for me these past few episodes as he has tried to reclaim some of the passion for helping prisoners -- supposedly the reason he's in the job. He finally got a decent crowd at Safe Place and was really putting forth some effort trying to get the ladies to talk to him. I'm sure his logical side knows that some of the people in the room keep others from speaking their minds, but his heart is in the right place.

Healy had tears in his eyes when he told Piper she was on a transfer list. She's worried about Alex and whether her dealer/boss, who was set free on a mistrial, might try to hurt her. She had one second of anger that she's the only one out of the entire operation actually in prison, but fear for Alex won out.

When she realized she may not be able to see Alex before she's transferred to get her closure, Healy piles on her some stark reality.

Chapman, you're going down south. Not having closure with Alex Vause would be the least of your problems.


Poussey's plight is just tearing my heart out. Seeing Vee stomp all over everyone and anyone in her quest to be queen vee is like nails on a chalkboard. But somehow women still flock to her. Big Boo turned on Red completely, only to find that vee didn't want her because she's a snitch.

What goes around... Yes, I realize I just stopped capitalizing vee's name. She doesn't deserve the respect. Little v it is. At least Taslitz tried to clear us of the vermin.

What could come off as comical moments are more ironic. They're just too damn stupid to be anything remotely funny. 

[to Daya] You was raised in a non-traditional setting and you turned out great.


Daya turned out great?! She's in prison with her mother and pregnant by a guard. Oh my God. The idiocy and the way people are willing to flip their situations around so they feel better about them is astounding. I don't think I would be so upset if I didn't know it was real. Not that it actually happened, but that it does.

Poussey asking Healy if he ever stopped to think that maybe they didn't want to get in touch with their feelings because not feeling them is all that's keeping them going made a lot of sense. Protests, fake romantic drama and infighting keeps their minds busy and off the fact that they are not free, and may not be for a long time. Their lives are not their own, but they are owned by the government. 

By the way. Unless a miracle occurs, I'm done with Parry or Loppy or whatever we want to call the duo. They're a waste of time.

This episode was brilliant because it brought me back to the realization that Orange is the New Black is about prison. It's as funny as the Sopranos was; you laugh at things that are off the wall, but hope and pray that you're never in the situations presented here. The more we learn, the easier it seems to get there.

Do you still consider Orange is the New Black a comedy?

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This shameful sexual violation is really workin' out for ya, isn't it?


Leanne: Someone's cranky.
Yoga Jones: Excuse me. If someone hadn't just joined the strike this morning, they might be cranky, too.