Orange is the New Black Review: Starting to Implode

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On Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 9 , he lives of Piper and Red intertwine somewhat, as Piper gets her furlough and we learn the truth behind the relationship of Red and Vee.

Red was counting on Piper to ease her mind by visiting her shop to make sure everything is OK. Her sons have to just be idiots, right? Everything can't be as bad as they make it out to be.

While Red is trying to make amends for what happened in the kitchen so she can get her standing back and her family (as she calls them), we see how she started in her business. Things may be looking up a little in Litch, but outside there is a cold truth. Piper finds she no longer has a shop.

It was actually worse than Red's sons said it was.

Funeral Furlough

When Red was a new inmate, Vee was making a return trip. She hustled Red and gave her pointers to get a business started inside once she learned that she had vendor contacts. Vee did what she does to everyone. He hooked Red and then crushed her.

Once Red was settled in prison and had a nice little deal going, Vee wanted what Red had. She likes to skip the hard work and make everyone else do it for her and the reap the rewards. She amasses minions with her smooth talking and they fight for her. By the end of the flashbacks, her minions has beaten the crap out of Red because Red wouldn't play along.

As if things weren't bad enough, Vee is also selling heroin with her cigarettes. Poussey got wind of it and tried to appeal to Taystee, but Taystee is too far down the Vee path to give a damn about anything but making that disgusting woman happy. 

Red made amends with her girls, but not without making a major mistake. Big Boo sat next to the grate and immediately started acting cocky. The hour ended with her giving Vee the tip on how Red is bringing in her stash. Will the end of the season play out like Red's flashback?

Piper's furlough was bittersweet. She finally realized her life with Larry was over after he confessed to sleeping with someone she knows. She hasn't put Polly into the equation yet, but that ought to make things really awful. 

Piper spent the entirety of the reception at her grandmother's viewing telling people about prison and showin them she wasn't cuffed. As odd as it was that Cal decided to usurp his grandmother's death to have his own wedding on the cheap, at least it took some of the pressure off of Piper.

Piper's dad didn't like seeing his little girl "like that" and that's why he won't visit. A couple who knew Piper all her life imagined she can't wait to go back to the way things were, but it hit her -- she won't ever be that Piper Chapman again. 

Walking out of the funeral was like walking out of her old life and back into the one she is now creating. After seeing Red's shop closed, she got a burger and almost bought a bottle of champagne, opting for a 40 OZ Colt malt liquor instead. She's taking pieces of everyone around her and creating a new Piper.

I don't know about you guys, but I like this Piper better than the girl who came to prison. She's stronger and thinks for herself instead of worrying what others think about her. That's a big part of not doing the wrong thing.

Healy attempting counseling made him realize that what he misses is doing it for the women at the prison. When Pennsatucky get's into trouble, he doesn't send her to SHU but promises she'll be counseled once a week and they'll figure things out together. Maybe he'll even turn into someone his wife can respect.

Finally, writing all the "shots" for everyone took it's toll on Bennett, especially after the return of Pornstache, who, amazingly, came to his rescue when he needed it. He thought the idea was that Pornstache would go to prison for what he did to Daya, but Daya is having second thoughts. He's not guilty of anything -- with her anyway. 

No matter. Bennett outs Daya's pregnancy to Caputo and the father as Pornstache. Caputo gets a big smile on his face. How will that end?

Despite rooting for Taystee in Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 2, I'm so disappointed in her I now think she's dumb as a box of rocks. The Suzanne I fell for in Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 3 is gone thanks to Vee.

It feels like for all the progress that Red made with her little homemade dinner, we're on our way to an implosion among the inmates where everybody has to fend for themselves. I sure hope not.

Do you want Vee gone?

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