Salem Clip: Like Son, Like Father

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Do you remember the first time we met Cotton Mather?

You don't? You should probably watch Salem online to get caught up. The clip you are about to see shows his ghastly father, Increase, delivering a speech eerily similar to the one his son once delivered.

My. How things have changed.

In Salem Season 1 Episode 11 Cotton is now on a much different path, having fallen in love with a falsely condemned witch and fully understanding the consequences of his town's actions.

Increase looks increasingly far out and menacing the longer he is in Salem, don't you think? Perhaps a haircut and some time with the locals will help.

Check out the clip and be back here tonight for a full review of the installment!

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Salem Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Am I a witch? Yes. But does that make me any less of a loving father? No. Most certainly not.


Increase: Do you know why I came back to Salem?
Cotton: Lovely. More questions I can answer to your dissatisfaction.