Salem: Watch Season 1 Episode 7 Online

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Expect an increase of witch burnings and swift "justice" that will only be found when the accused meet their maker when Increase Mather hits town.

Cotton makes a premature promise to Glorianna when he is gloriously blissful to the new arrival on Salem's shores in Salem Season 1 Episode 7.

Mary has given Mercy enough power to walk through dreams and take a life if she so chooses. What will she do?

Dreams are a central theme of the episode and it's the name of the installment, as well. Want to find out how the two correlate? Then watch Salem online right now!

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Salem Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

You're father is a confidential agent. He makes very occasional reports to agents representing another foreign power.

Mrs. Hale

It is not the wind that we must catch, Captain. It is a witch.