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On Salem Season 1 Episode 8 Increase Mather shows the town what he's capable, and willing, to do to rid the area of witches.

Cotton relies on his friendship with Alden and Increase's care for Alden to help him in a situation with Glorianna. Who will prevail?

Mary hopes to send George to safety and away from the prying eyes of Increase, but things don't go as planned. Will all of her hopes for Salem come crashing down around her?

Find out when you watch Salem online!

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Salem Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

There are no words. Like a man who has seen the face of God. An awed silence is the appropriate response.


Hale: He's not supposed to be here. So why is he?
Mary: He came to see what his son had accomplished.
Hale: And why is he staying?
Mary: He saw what his son had accomplished.