Switched at Birth Review: Spinning Into Control

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Bay is really trying not to hurt anyone, isn't she?

By holding back on telling Tank about what happened with Emmett, something she clearly regrets doing while she was in a relationship with someone else, she let Emmett fend for himself on a day when he could have really used her support.

We learn it a lot, but we learned again in Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 12 that it's not always easy to do the right thing.

Although Vanessa Marano voices her opinion that she'd prefer Bay not get back together with Emmett since he cheated on her, it's a little difficult for Bay to use that as an excuse when she did the same thing to Tank. I'm guessing that although Bay thinks her heart lies with Emmett (because she never "clicked" in that way with Tank) that it's going to be more difficult for her to make the break than she thinks.

My reasoning is that Emmett has always come with drama. Even in the midst of their reunion, he was sucked into drama with Matthew as a result of his posing as Melody. I really feel for Emmett, but it's not easy being with someone long-term who is intensely emotional and thinks with his heart instead of his head.

There is still so much they don't know about each other, even with as close as they once were. Not using protection when they had sex was careless and irresponsible. Yes, people get caught up in the moment, but those people also have children some of the time. Emmett's ideas on Bay's sex life were so far off that Bay was offended. That's not good.

Tank, meanwhile, explained to Bay that he thought over what she had taught him through conversations and came to the realization on his own that he didn't want to hang around with people talking about porn stars, three ways and covering bathrooms with their vomit after drinking too much. Discovering she was his last friend is what put Bay in the awkward position of not saying anything to him, and thus dragging it out at least until next week.

Emmett's issue with Matthew took a drastic turn when Matthew showed him a photo he has on his cell. Do you think it's a naked photo? If Emmett had told the principal, she could have taken Matthew's phone and deleted the photo without showing Melody. Instead, Melody stood up for Emmett when he couldn't do it for himself, slamming Matthew into the lockers (how I cheered!). But she's suspended. The story is obviously not over.

Regina didn't exactly do the right thing, either. She chose to tell John, Kathryn and Angelo what happened with the window and her job, but not that the two were connected. It always comes out in the end though, doesn't it?

Kathryn and John supporting Regina to go for her dreams because she was so passionate about the development of East Riverside was great. However, that was before they knew the whole story. Bay and Daphne weren't privy to that conversation and hustled the brick-tosser into leaving their mother alone because she lost her job over the project.

Of course, Regina got her job back so yahoos may still contend with her in whatever ways they deem necessary. The good news out of all of this was Angelo moving in with Regina and Daphne. Regina seemed pleased and perhaps there will be an attempt to make the marriage work and they'll be a real family. I just hope Wes looming in the background with his concern about Regina isn't more than professional courtesy.

All in all, the characters were spiraling out of control and now seem to be spinning their way back into some semblance of controlling their situations. They still have choices to make, but so far communicating and being honest (for the most part) is helping them make sense of their lives.

What did you think SAB Fanatics? Hit the comments and let me know where you stand!

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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

That image of you and Emmett as teen parents is really freaking me out right now.


Emmett: Are you into Tank?
Bay: It doesn't matter if I'm into him. We're together. Emmett, I did the one thing that I swore I would never do. You, of all people, should understand how crappy I feel right now.