Teen Wolf: Watch Season 4 Episode 1 Online

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We're back for another season of Teen Wolf and the crazy, odd factor that started in Teen Wolf Season 3 greeted us in Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 1.

There is a new dynamic as the lives of many have been altered. Scott takes his pack out on the road to find their friend Derek. They all work together to in their quest.

Will they be successful in finding Derek? How do the new characters work with the loss of so many familiar faces? You can find out when you watch Teen Wolf online.

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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Just give us Derek. You don't want him anyway. Haven't you noticed what a downer he is? No sense of humor, poor conversationalist. Just come on, take the money.


Araya: You brought a wolf into my home?
Stiles: We brought an alpha.