Days of Our Lives Recap: A Shirtless 4th of July!

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Evil sisters, a Dimera behind bars, and a shirtless 4th of July picnic capped off this week of Days of Our Lives.

Let's start with the wedding that almost wasn't. I really wasn't sure if Sami was going to go through with the vows and I was really hoping that she'd publicly humiliate EJ and Abigail…but not in front of her kids. 

What I didn't expect was EJ to end up behind bars for tax evasion. That's kind of classic and on some level I'm proud of Sami for coming up with it but I'm really curious to find out about the rest of her plan. Public humiliation must be involved somewhere, right? Especially for Abigail. It wouldn't surprise me at all if there's a video screen at Hope and Aidan's big gala. Maybe Sami can have a slide show with those naughty photos.

Rafe was kind of being a jerk when he went down to goad EJ while he was sitting in his cell. As much as Rafe doesn't like EJ, he is the guy who helped his little sister avoid life in prison. 

Hope's spidey senses were tingling about all of the anonymous tips that were suddenly coming in about the Dimeras. Any chance she'll figure out that Sami's behind it all and if so, what will she do about it?

My only other question was about Sami's wedding dress. I know this is the umpteenth time she's walked down the aisle but I can't say I was a fan of the dress, or the obvious hair extensions. 

On the upside, Johnny insisting on walking his mother down the aisle was the sweetest moment of the entire ceremony. 

Moving on to the Donovan sisters, they must have trouble-making imbedded in their DNA. But whether you love them or hate them, they definitely had the best banter of the week as seen in this Days of Our Lives quote...

When Daddy found out I was coming back to Salem he begged me to check in on his law breaking, drug dependent, overdosing, little bundle of joy.


There's nothing quite like sisterly love but these two could really turn out to be a dynamic duo…and Jennifer's worst nightmare. 

Speaking of Jennifer, the worst thing about Eve's lawsuit it that it gives Jennifer license to whine, cry, and generally be self righteous with all of Salem. As much as I'm all for the profits of Jack's book going to veteran's groups, having to listen to Jennifer almost has me rooting for Eve. 

And we can't say that Eve and Theresa are all evil. Eve obviously raise a smart, caring, level-headed daughter and Theresa definitely has a soft spot for grandma Caroline. As a matter of fact, Theresa checking up on Caroline was probably one of my favorite scenes of the week.

Elsewhere, Kate flew off to the Ozarks to investigate Jordan…or should I say Tammy Sue. Really? I'd scoff at the cliched names but they did make me laugh. Tammy Sue, Ollie, and Clyde. Oye. 

It's certainly about time this story moved forward but once again, I can't say I really care. No matter what name she goes by, I still find Jordan one of the most boring characters on the show. 

Finally, everyone came out for the 4th of July picnic…and took their shirts off. Well, at least Will, Sonny, T, and Ben. Not that I minded the eye candy we got but it had me lamenting to where the rest of the men of Salem had wandered off. Daniel, Brady, and Eric could have fit right in. 

So TV Fanatics, it's your turn to pick your favorite line of the week.

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