Days of Our Lives Round Table: Has Sami Gone Too Far?

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Is Sami taking her revengenda against the Cupcake Baking Whore too far? Will Aidan end up in New Orleans with Hope and do you want to see more of Kayla?

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Sue from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate if Will took his tirade against Sami too far and whether Abigail has suffered enough.


Was Will out of line with Sami?

Nick: To a point, yes he was. Calling your mother a slut is a little much, but Will was also trying to open Sami's eyes to her own hypocrisy. She cheated on Rafe with EJ, and now EJ cheated on her with Abigail. Sami's asked for plenty of second chances, but she's refusing to actually give one to EJ. By the way, am I the only one who has missed mouthy Will? Love watching him dish it out to Sami much the same way she did to Marlena.

Sue:  Absolutely not!  Someone had to call her out.  Sami is the victim in this situation, but not an innocent by any means. 

Christine:  Sami had grief sex with EJ after being told their daughter was dead. I don't think that compares to Abby jumping EJ in the shower for the fun of it. I can understand Will trying to get Sami to reign in the revenge but the way he completely sided with Abigail was annoying. And calling his mother a slut was uncalled for no matter what the circumstances. Personally, I think Will deserved that slap.

Does Kate have romantic designs of Rafe?

Nick: I wish this ship would sail. I'm so over Kate pining for Rafe. I don't see Kate having true romantic feelings for Rafe. They had some lustful encounters, but there was no real romantic spark or energy between the two.

Sue:  Kate just put a huge bull's eye on her back in order to avenge Rafe.  Wow.  Now that's love.

Christine:  I think it's more possessiveness than love but I'm up for anything that ends the Rafe/Jordan snoozefest. 

Days of Our Lives RT - depreciated -

Do you want to see Aidan and Chase follow Hope and Ciara to New Orleans?

Nick: Of course! I love watching these two chase after each other only to run away when they finally find each other.

Sue:  I'd love to see those two get together, but not in New Orleans.  Hope needs to somehow end her marriage to Bo first.  We need some closure, writers!!!

Christine:  No! New Orleans is kind of sacred ground for Bo and Hope fans. If they want Hope to move on with someone else they need to end things between her and Bo. Whether it's death or divorce, it's got to be done. 

Kayla was sighted in Salem again this week. Would you like to see more of her?

Nick: More Kayla is always a good thing, but unless they throw her in a love triangle with Hope and Aiden what can she bring to the canvas right now?

Sue:  Love Kayla and she should be a regular again.  We need to get her a man, writers!!  And one for Maxine too, while you're at it!!  Why the shortage of good men in Salem?  Or bad for that matter.  Get some new men on this show for the ladies in town!

Christine:  Yes but she needs to have a story. What was the point of bringing back a beloved character just to have her sit on the back burner indefinitely?

Daniel is taking a sabbatical from women. Is there a woman you'd like to see him paired with?

Nick: No, the only pairing I want Dan with is a one way ticket out of Salem, but I will never get that wish. 

Sue:  I know I'm in the minority, but I like Daniel and Jennifer together.  I've always loved Jennifer on the show.  Hated Daniel at first, but he's grown on me since he and Jennifer got together.  I hope they find their way back to each other, and let's not make it take FOREVER!!!

Christine:  In the very beginning I liked Daniel and Jennifer together but I simply can't stomach them any longer. I don't know who he should be paired with. I actually like Daniel a lot better when he's single. 

Sami says she plans to make Abigail pay? How? And do you think she's paid enough?

Nick: Maybe she'll try to go after Ben, or she'll continue to put EJ and Abigail in awful situations. Whatever Samil's "revengenda" is I am ready for it. 

Sue:  One can only guess the torture that Sami has in mind for Abby.  The only way she can hurt her more is to go after her family at this point.  I personally think Abby has paid enough.  She's not a teenager, but she is still young and stupid.  She also admitted she's done this before (with Austin) so she gets that this is something she needs to fix.  I think Abby's way more good than bad and I feel sorry for her.  Yes, Sami is the victim, but she's a tough broad and let's face it, those who live in glass houses...

Christine:  Abigail annoys the heck out of me. She couldn't wait to bed EJ but after he made it clear that he loved Sami she was back to the all Dimeras are evil party-line. She's a lot like her mother in that people are quick to forgive her faults but she's extremely judgmental of others. I'll enjoy watching Sami exact some revenge, I only hope it doesn't elicit yet another round of people feeling sorry for poor Abigail. And if Abby realizes she has issues with chasing after men who are already taken, perhaps she should make an appointment with Marlena to work that out. 

What was your favorite story or scene of the week?

Nick: I love watching this tap dance between Hope and Aiden. Hope is trying to stay committed to Bo, but he's completely checked out. She has these feelings for Aiden, and she's trying her best to suppress them out of her love for Bo. Aiden has issues with his wife too. A few definite clues are dropped about Aiden's prior life with his wife: He mentions to JJ that he should never rush into marriage; when Chase mentions missing the lake house Aiden says he doesn't; couple these with the revelation that Aiden does not drink, and there are grounds for death, a bitter divorce, a soulless marriage, or reformed ex-wife coming back to town for a second chance.

Sami:  Sami and her grandmother.  I cried with them.

Christine:  Sami and Caroline were wonderful. Leave it to Caroline to get to the heart of it all. Sami's in incredible pain because EJ ripped her heart out. I felt horrible for Sami when she cried on her grandmother's shoulder. I also loved that Caroline was willing to bring up that she had cheated on Shawn and he eventually forgave her. Great use of the show's history.

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