Days of Our Lives Round Table: Sami Scorned

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If Payback's a Bitch, then it has met its match in Sami Brady Dimera. Every moment of watching her get her revenge as the woman scorned was pure soap opera gold. And best of all, she's not done yet. 

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Mike from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the St. Luke's Gala, Brady and Theresa's marriage, and of course, Sami's revenge.


What did you think of the St. Luke's Gala?

Nick: The Marlena bits were pretty subpar - although I did like the math joke. Honestly, Marlena isn't the focal point of the Gala; Aiden and Hope are the the center of it. Their chemistry is phenomenal and I'm rooting for these two kids to dive into something once the Bo situation is resolved.

Mike:  It was pretty disappointing to be honest, it was less of a Gala and more of a stand-up routine by Marlena. The only saving grace was that we got to see more of Hope and Aiden together, and he sure cleans up nicely!

Christine:  Talk about disappointing. They had me hoping for a big event. Instead we got Marlena at a podium telling mostly bad jokes. I've been looking forward to seeing Hope and Aidan together but to be honest even that felt a bit forced. The one highlight was definitely Aidan in that tux!

Do you think Brady and Theresa are really married and if so, how do you feel about it?

Nick: It's hard to say. Eve points out that Theresa wants every man for herself, and with her past record with JJ there's really no low she won't stoop to to get what she wants. Making Brady think he's married to her so Theresa can use him for all he's worth is right in line with that. With Theresa being so confrontational to the people trying to help Brady I hope she's not about to go to a place that is too dark even for her behavior.

Mike:  I think the marriage is legit but I'm not happy about it nor do I think it will last very long. Brady and Theresa are together for all the wrong reasons and I think Brady will realize it soon. They're just one giant hot mess right now!

Christine:  I too, think the marriage is real, although Brady probably won't remember much of the ceremony. He's such a mess, I think watching Theresa flash her ring in his family's face is going to be fun…for a while. But no, I don't think it will last long or at least I hope it doesn't. 

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Sami finally told EJ that she knew about his affair and unleashed her revenge. Does he deserve any sympathy?

Nick: Hell no. He's a DiMera, he slept around, and he knows his wife wouldn't be one to take this kind of thing and work through it in a private setting. If EJ truly loves "Samantha" then he would've seen this coming a mile away and actually told her sooner so she wouldn't have let this boil over so publicly.

Mike:  Absolutely not, he got exactly what was coming to him! However, that scene where he went insane in his prison cell and completely broke down was great to watch, It's not every day that you get to see EJ DiMera crumble.

Christine:  Whether he deserved it or not, I did actually feel for him. I think he was a complete idiot for the affair with Abigail but one moment the guy thinks he's married to the love of his life and mother of his children and the next moment he's decimated. A broken EJ Dimera is not a pretty picture.  

Was Sami out of line in exposing Abby's pregnancy scare to her mother?

Nick: Nope! Abigail might be young, but she's old enough to have sex with EJ; she's just reaping the consequences of what she sowed. I'm rather surprised Sami went directly to Abby to let it all out instead of announcing it to everyone at the Town Square.

Mike:  No way, Abby deserves every bit of it! I've been waiting for that moment for awhile and I'm so happy hurricane Sami is finally in full force!

Christine:  Heck no and it was such fun to watch Sami unleash her venom on the girl, especially since Abby's been sounding so self-righteous lately about EJ. Maybe I'd have some sympathy for her if she walked away after the night at the cabin but tracking him down at the club and getting in his shower means she deserves everything she gets. 

Sami had some killer lines this week. Which was your favorite?

Nick:  "You guys were soapy and slip sliding around...and there's Abigail, promising God she's arriving sometime soon."

Mike:  By far my favorite line of the week was when Sami said "You guys were soapy and slip sliding around...and there's Abigail, promising God she's arriving sometime soon." GOLD!

Christine:  Oh, Sami was on a roll this week and the one you both mentioned was a favorite but I'm going to go with "Don't spare me any of it. How young she was. How gorgeous she is. Those thighs. If you're going to cut me you want to jam that knife all the way in." 

Eve and JJ came to an understanding. Do you think it will last?

Nick: They might be in agreement for now, but with Jenn and Eve's bickering and back and forths between each other continuing there's little reason to believe that the understanding will last.

Mike:  Unfortunately no, but I hope it does! I for sure thought Eve was going to rip JJ apart but I really enjoyed their scenes together and it made me like Eve even more! 

Christine:  I think they've called a tentative truce and I think Eve was pretty honest with JJ, which impressed me. From why she wants as much of that money as she can get to the fact that, like any good parent,  she'll keep an eye on JJ while he's with Paige. I wonder how Jennifer will react if JJ begins to understand Eve's side of things.

What was your favorite scene or story of the week?

Nick: Sami, by a long shot. I've been giggling and enjoying myself immensely watching Sami Brady parade all over Salem causing hell. Her one liners, her complete contempt and hatred for EJ and Abigail. It's all going so well. I would be content to watch this for the rest of the year.

Mike:  Definitely any scene that involved Sami yelling at Abby. Abby is finally getting what she deserves and Jennifer being in the room to witness it was the cherry on top of an already delicious cake! Go Sami, go!

Christine:  Every day I tuned in waiting to see what Sami was going to do next. Whether she and Kate were plotting, she was pulling the rug out from under EJ or eviscerating Abigail in front of her mother, every scene was pure gold. 

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