Graceland Review: Unintended Consequences?

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Charlie and Briggs were desperate to atone for making Juan's wife a widow on Graceland this week.

Jakes tried to get back on the straight and narrow, while Johnny only seemed to stray to a road too dangerous.

Paige continued the search for her potentially trafficked Tinkerbell and Mike attempted to make a decisive move to validate his operation.

No question, Graceland Season 2 Episode 4 was a rough go for all involved.

Charlie and Briggs are probably the most troubling when it comes to the things going on in the house. Briggs is still keeping his secret about Badillo, allowing Charlie to shoulder an unnecessary guilt.

Then Briggs and Charlie find a way to get poor Kelly her money, only to cause more psychological anguish with the realization that her husband really is dead. And, in true Briggs fashion he sugarcoats the truth for Charlie, clearly making everything worse.

I am really starting to wonder how long it will be until the truth of all this comes out. The mysterious tape that keeps floating in and out of the picture has been noticeably absent the past few episodes, so it's difficult to see where it might fit into all of what's taking place right now.

That realization isn't made any easier now that there are other elements benig piggybacked off Mike's case, mainly Paige's search for her missing Tinkerbell. It's obvious there is a human trafficking story line being developed here. I am wondering, though, how in the end it all fits together.

That part probably doesn't matter as much right now. What does matter, though, are the paths some of the housemates are taking both inside and outside of their work.

Take Johnny, for example. This guy he's trying to be friend's with is kind of a creep to beat all future creeps and I am starting to feel really bad that Johnny tried to take this portion of the assignment on. Maybe he is better of running tactical because I am starting to wonder if he has the stomach for undercover.

The concept of having a stomach for something is a really good way to start talking about what's going on with Jakes right now.

We pretty much started the episode with him puking after a night of Whiskey consumption. He is taking the restraining order understandably hard, but the path he's on is a really troubling one - and I can't help but wonder what consequences that may have for his team in the near future if not gotten under control.

His moment of redemption, however,, may be just around the corner, as his waste management assignment at the end of the episode may have yielded just what his team needed to crack the Solano/bus case wide open.

Only one question remains: Whose story are you most anxious to see unfold?

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