Graceland: Watch Season 2 Episode 7 Online

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Briggs went undercover at the local police department, Jakes and Paige staked out the trafficking ring and Johnny’s entanglement with Carlito places him in harm’s way once more.

What did all these activities in Graceland Season 2 Episode 7 have in common: Mike. Or rather Mike's latest target, the Solano cartel.

Mike had his sights set on the mole inside the local police department feeding Solano and his cartel with information on the FBI's every move, especially with regard to the botched recovery at the bus yard.

The more involved the team gets, the more entangled they themselves are becoming in Solano's activities, whether by allowing a trafficking ring to persist or becoming emotionally involved with family members.

Don't know what I'm referring to? Get up to speed when you watch Graceland online.

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Graceland Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Mike says he is the patron saint of lost causes.


Like I said, get your affairs in order.