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Rusty has come out of the closet.

On Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 5, Rusty used a case about a girl who went against her social mores and disappointed her family as the catalyst to reveal his big secret.

Honestly, I didn't know if any of what we saw was real or fantasy until the last five minutes.

As a storytelling vehicle, I wish it had all been fantasy, with very little reality infused. While I can believe that Rusty is empathetic and could probably glean a lot of Lena Madhaven's story merely by identifying with her, he would have been unable to tell Dr. Joe all of the details he shared.

Empathy wasn't getting him behind doors, into vehicles, etc., from which he shared privileged information. The actions of the characters were also greatly exaggerated while Rusty wove his tale for Dr. Joe.

I suppose all I really know is that the case was real and Rusty managed to get some pretty incredible information by being very observant.

Using it to his advantage to work through his issue with Dr. Joe was really well done and an enjoyable way to look at things through his eyes. Standing there, in front of his friends and baring his soul with the question, "What would you think...if I said I was gay," was extremely touching.

As worried as he was, when conversation started it was Sykes and her romance with Cooper that caused more a fuss than Rusty's sexuality. 

The major crimes squad cares for Rusty no matter who he is or how he conducts his personal business. They'd surely like him to be honest and understand how much he can trust them, but they were willing to give him whatever time he needed to share of himself with them.

It was great to see Fritz again. His protection of Lena from her father was nothing short of what he and Brenda did for Rusty when they first took him in. 

Sykes is dating Cooper so we'll probably see Malcolm-Jamal Warner again. Actually, word on the street is that TNT is considering a spinoff featuring both Fritz and Cooper. How cool would that be?

This was more of an episode to enjoy and experience than to analyze, so I'll leave it at that.

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Would you watch a Major Crimes spinoff with Fritz and Cooper?

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