Manhattan Set Scoop: Bombs Away!

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Manhattan will premiere on Sunday, July 27 on WGN America, along with Tribune networks across the country.

Centered on the lives of scientists and their families building the atomic bomb in Los Alamos, New Mexico, during World War II, this is a series that will appeal to history lovers, science geeks and, according to star Olivia Williams, people who don't like Glee.

At a recent set visit, we had the opportunity to sit down with the cast and for some one-on-one conversations, utilizing some of the actual sets used in the series.

Interestingly, the production is not shot on a sound stage but in actual buildings from the era that were used to recreate Los Alamos. You won't see actors acting sweaty, because they aren't afforded the benefit of air conditioning!

Our first video is with John Benjamin Hickey (The Good Wife, The Big C) who plays Frank Winter, a brilliant misunderstood genius who leads one half of the Manhattan project and Olivia Williams (Dollhouse) who portrays his wife, Liza, a Ph.D. in her own right who is completely in the dark about her husband's work.

The two talk about their portrayal of characters slowly losing their connection with each other as well as their sanity and what kind of an audience Manhattan will appeal to.

Manhattan series creator, writer and executive producer Sam Shaw (Masters of Sex) and director and executive producer, nine-time Emmy award winning Thomas Schlamme (The West Wing) talk about the motivations behind creating and getting involved with the series.

They also provide the audience with good entertainment that prompts the audience to "lean forward" in anticipation of what's coming next. Take a look!

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