Masters of Sex Review: Psychological Component

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When we last left over in Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode 12, Bill was standing in the rain and making a confession to Virginia.

I finally realized there's one thing I can't live without. You.

William [to Virginia]

Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 1 picks up right where we left off and opens somewhat of a new chapter for Virginia and Bill.

Mastering the Fallout

The night in the rain continued with Virginia letting Bill in and them having sex. Flashbacks (choppily placed throughout the episode) make it clear there is more to this duo than just a passion for a study. There is a passion for each other, whether they want to deny it or not.

Yes, Bill, there is a psychological component to having sex after all! You guys have feelings for each other.

And so the meetings at the hotel begin...under the guise of it being for the study, at least as Bill proclaims it in the end. They are meeting as Dr. and Mrs. Holden and both seem pretty calm about the whole thing. Bill even throws it all in his mother's face.

Was that moment out of guilt or pure hatred or both? Did Essie even know he was sleeping with Virginia? I always thought that Libby knew but then she treats Virginia like they are best friends and lets her hold the baby.

As for the rest of the world, the secret is sort of out. Bill and Virginia's study opened up a whole new world of objectification. Bill was fired and is seen as a scandalous figure. Men at the hospital are propositioning Virginia left and right.

Ever since the presentation I'm propositioned a dozen times a day. I get notes on my windshield. Just today somebody left a dildo on my desk.


Libby lobbies to find Bill a new job at Memorial Hospital. They run into Betty and her husband the pretzel king and he agrees to make a large donation to the hospital to ensure Bill gets a job if Bill gives Betty fertility treatments. Of course, Bill and Betty both know that Betty is sterile and it won't work, but he accepts.

As for Virginia, she doesn't want to leave Dr. DePaul, especially as her condition is worsening. Then she is asked by a GI doctor if Ulysses can help him create a similar devise for esophageal purposes. She thinks that perhaps life could be moving forward, despite turning down Ethan's proposal and getting into an affair.

Elsewhere, Barton is going through a terrible ordeal as he agrees to try electroshock therapy to "rid himself of homosexual desires." That scene was painful to watch knowing how absurd it is. I don't know how Bill could handle watching his friend strapped down and seizing like that.

Especially afterward when he was confused and sick. Bill rightfully warned him not to do the "treatment" again. Bill might be stubborn and brash in many ways, but he was a smart man and a forward thinking one as well. He knew there was nothing wrong with Barton, simply just societal misconceptions. 

It's too bad he was left feeling like he had no choice. Vivian and Margaret found him hanging from a beam in the basement. The whole ordeal was painful to watch and no doubt painful to deal with. 

It was an intense first episode back but one that made me really intrigued for Masters of Sex Season 2.

So... are Bill and Virginia playing with fire or are they meant to be?

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Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

How could you possibly interpret what's happened here?

Virgina [to Bill]

Ever since the presentation I'm propositioned a dozen times a day. I get notes on my windshield. Just today somebody left a dildo on my desk.