Mistresses: Watch Season 2 Episode 8 Online

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The ladies came by to help Savi give her house a send off in Mistresses Season 2 Episode 8, until Savi changed her mind and decided to buy out Harry's half. 

Elsewhere April continued to sleep with Daniel until Lucy wondered how Peyton's daddy and some woman could hurt Peyton's mommy by having an affair. It was enough to get April to tell Daniel goodbye.

Karen dumped Jacob because his ex-girlfriend was her patient, only to enlist his help in finding her when she feared for Anna's safety. Unfortunately, Anna finding her therapist and her ex smooching in the elevator probably didn't do much for her mental health.

And Joss moved in with Scott who admitted to feeling jealous about Harry when Joss got him a great job that would keep him in LA.

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

One, get your ass off my case files. Two, in order to be friends I would have to trust you and I will never, ever trust you.


He knows me. The good, the bad, the ugly, the awful and he, he still wants me. Maybe all the more because of it.