Murder in the First Review: Kiss Kiss Burn Burn

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Sometimes I just wish that Tom Felton’s character in Murder in the First would get to say “Potter” in that menacing tone to somebody on the series. I know, I know, Harry Potter’s been over since 2011, but still.

I could totally see Erich being in Slytherin, too.

Granted, you’d think that for someone who has made millions of dollars off his brain and intellect, Erich wouldn’t make the stupid decision to skip bail and leave when he’s not supposed to. You’re just going to get caught.

It’s not shocking to think that Erich would have been out safe and sound in the comfort of his own home after his arrest in Murder in the First Season 1 Episode 3 - but it seems really stupid to ignore the law and risk prison. The police are gunning for him, he’s already lied and the DNA (circumstantial, of course) puts him with the victim on the night of the murder.

But, hey, Burning Man is happening, and you can’t miss that. Plus, where else would you get to try out your virtual sex program?

Dealing with the Fallout

Frankly, the police got lucky that the computer guy Erich allegedly stole his code from just happened to be going to Burning Man. And he just happened to get some really great photos that looked like they were taken in the day? I thought he took them at night?

Either way, Erich was stupid, and his arrogance could be the ultimate end for him.

But there’s no way his lawyer is going to just leave. I mean, that’s James Cromwell!

And boy does he give a commanding performance every time he’s on screen. He just oozes that power and deft precision as a lawyer and I love the way he talks to Erich. It’s once again not surprising that he’d choose to tender his resignation; after all, Erich broke his rules.

I just wonder what’s going to keep him on. That can’t be the end of him, right?

Certainly, all signs point to Erich, but there’s still potential that the actual killer could be someone else. Perhaps the show is playing with our own preconceived notions because we’ve see Tom Felton play a bad guy in Harry Potter and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

I still think there's something to Bill Wilkerson, the pilot. Plus, I can't help but think of Wings every time I see Steven Weber.

Really, however, the case intrigues me, and though there was merely some courtroom posturing and more dumb moves from Erich in Murder in the First Season 1 Episode 4, I’m hooked to see where it all goes.

I like the cast that surrounds the story, but I’m also interested to see if the side stories with the character’s personal lives pay off.

I was a bit bored by Hildy’s investigation into her shooting and the drama surrounding the boy and mother lying. Yeah, it was dramatic that she was almost killed and then set on by the so-called investigators to potentially flip it all around and have her lose her badge.

But to have the mother completely turn around and praise her by the end? A bit much. At least that aspect wasn’t dragged out over a series of episodes.

Still, I do like that the drama at least tries to touch upon the character’s lives outside of the case.

Now, was anyone surprised that Hildy and Terry kissed? I was wondering when the inevitable hook-up would happen. It’s always like these types of shows to take their two leads and end up making them more than partners.

However, at least at the moment the pair smooched (and I’m sure some were rooting for the hot and heavy action to begin) both were emotionally vulnerable. So it made sense for the two, who are so close to being with, to find a moment that broke the work boundary and become something more.

I’m just not sure I want it to go any further for their characters, even if it provides some extra drama for the show. I’d rather it was more of a one time thing; we know they are close personally and emotionally, but the job, and ultimately this specific case, should trump that.

But I’m sure we’ll see Hildy or Terry in bed for a sex scene at some point this season. Either with each other or a new love interest.

“Burning Woman” was another stepping stone in the serialized case further setting up the notion that Erich is the killer. And even with some parts that seem to detract from the core story, I’m still interested, engaged and looking forward to watching the true story unfold and learn just who the real killer is.

Do you want to see Terry and Hildy romantically involved?

Burning Woman Review

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