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Whether Erich killed Cindy Strauss or not, he has plenty of people on his side trying to help him get free.

Murder in the First Season 1 Episode 7 opened with another death. This time it was Mr. Strauss' who was found dead. He had already testified in the trial, so the judge let the proceedings continue while the death was investigated.

That didn't help Erich, but at least it didn't hurt him either.

As the prosecution presented their case, Warren Daniels put doubt into the jury's mind at almost every turn. It was a fun ride to see how Daniels would turn a piece of evidence around and use it to support his claim of reasonable doubt. He never strayed from that mission and it looke dto be working.

Daniels also turned other witnesses into possible suspects, like Bill Wilkerson, Mrs. Wilkerson, just as Mr. Strauss before he died. At this point, there are so many different possibilities it's impossible to figure out who actually killed her. Though, Erich really does appear to be the most likely based on the evidence rather than his actions.

Despite the evidence, I don't believe Erich did it.

The most damning evidence against him is the semen in her mouth. And, the testimony in Murder in the First Season 1 Episode 6, provided reasonable doubt about that too. Turkey baster, anyone?

As the prosecution tried to paint Erich as a bad person, they didn't do anything to further support their case that he was Cindy's killer, unless the jurors by the idea that it's to much of a coincidence that there were two deaths tied to Erich. Though, now there's a third with Mr. Strauss being allowed to die by Blunt's CTO, Ivana West.

I doubt the prosecution will be drawing attention to that death though, since it will just bring up questions about the letter and the now destroyed evidence. There wan't any indication that Erich knew what Ivana was doing, asked her to do it, or was complicit in her plans. She was just crazy as Hildy mentioned.

The search for the truth behind Mr. Strauss' death was intense and could have gone wrong at any turn. In the end, it was Ivana's own evidence to provide her alibi that gave her away. Really, "shouldn't've"? Who actually uses that word? The answer: 1/800,000 people. 

I find it unlikely that someone as smart as Ivana would actually use a unique word like that in a faked suicide note, but other than that little snag, it was an engaging mystery to reveal. If she would go as far as setting up Mr. Strauss for Cindy's murder, would she actually go as far as killing Cindy?

Add another suspect to the list! It's growing longer each episode rather than being shortened. With only a few episodes left, we'll find out the answer soon. In the meantime, answer the question:

Who killed Cindy Strauss?

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