One Tree Hill Rewind: Are You True?

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Brooke Davis might've seemed like a slutty ditz in the early days of One Tree Hill but she got one thing damn right when she was naked in the backseat of Luke's car.

This was the moment where everything changed.

Are You True Scene

Oh, sorry, did you want me to circle back to the part where I said Brooke Davis was naked? I think I can do that. After all, it was a legendary scene and does deserve a minute of our time.

As I've said several times already, it is remarkable how different Brooke turned out to be. Not that she wasn't always in tune with her sexual side throughout the series, but it stopped defining her after One Tree Hill season 1

Still, that move managed to make it's way into several other seasons whether it was other characters re-enacting it, (Hey Joe Manganiello) or into a certain popular book written by one of the core cast members.

Oh, well, by the way there's a half naked girl at the back seat of your car. I just thought you'd like to know that.


I did always love Whitey's attitude towards everything. He could be tough, but man was he funny. Above all he was the wise old man and one of the first people who stood up to Dan Scott's bullsh*t.

With the introduction of Deb, looking older than she did when the series ended thanks to a serious mom haircut, we got a better look at how much of a controlling ass Dan Scott really was. And man was that only scraping the surface!

So back to what Brooke originally said, this was truly the episode where everything changed. She was right, there are certain defining moments in life that just put you on a new path. This was the start of "Brucas", Lucas standing up for himself and proving he was a good player, Karen letting go of the past a little, and of course NALEY.

Nathan needed a way to get to Lucas, so who better to go through than his best friend Hales? Good thing Nathan was "dumb as a post" as he once described himself to Jamie and really did need a tutor. Also good thing Haley always had such a empathetic heart.

Haley: Do you see this book? Because this book is me. I am math.
Nathan: What's that supposed to mean?
Haley: It's supposed to mean that you can work your whole "I'm Nathan Scott, Mr. Big Shot, scoring my touchdowns" on somebody else, because -
Nathan: I don't even play football.
Haley: Whatever. The point is, at the end of the day all your bluster and BS don't mean anything to math because math don't care, and neither do I.
Nathan: Well, does English care? 'Cause I really suck at that, too.
Haley: Please don't waste my time. I'm already taking a huge chance on you because my instincts are screaming that you're full of sh... Let's just get started, okay?

Plus, it provided us with another legendary moment in OTH history: the Cracker Jack bracelet scene: "Don't say I never gave you anything."

This was the episode when One Tree Hill went from a good new show with potential to a juicy drama with storylines that were going to get you hooked.

So, whose potential were you more intrigued by back then? Brucas of Naley?


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One Tree Hill Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Nathan: Hey!
Haley: Can I help you?
Nathan: I hope so. You're my tutor.
Haley: Right, I don't think so.

Editor: Interesting, where have you studied?
Peyton: Um, mostly in my bedroom. Is that bad?