Pretty Little Liars Clips: What Did Hanna Forget? What Did Spencer Know?

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We know Hanna and Ali are going to have a little chat on Tuesday, thanks to this Pretty Little Liars Picture preview.

What we didn't know was that Hanna was going to completely space a date with Travis beforehand. Hanna is forgetting a lot of things thanks to her drinking.

She needs to be extra careful: Blackout drunks don't keep secrets.

Take a look at her conversation with Travis in this clip from Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 6.

Meanwhile, Spencer is going to take a trip to Radley to pick Eddie's brain about Bethany Young. She doesn't think her being buried in Ali's back yard is a coincidence. Say what?! 

Did Spencer know Bethany? Or of Bethany? Watch the conversation unfold now.

Go watch Pretty Little Liars online now to investigate and be back her Tuesday for a full recap of the episode. 

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