Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Miss Me x 100"

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Welcome to the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 5 Round Table, PLL Fanatics!

Below, our panelists wonder... are A and Mona working together? What's up with Sydney being in Mona's Army? Ezria, Emison and the mysterious Bethany Young are also hot topics, as is the biggest shocker of the 100th episode.

Join TV Fanatics Teresa Lopez, Leigh Raines, Nick McHatton and Carissa Pavlica as they banter about those scintillating topics and join in by hitting us up in the comments!


A is back! Is it Mona or are they acting separately?

Teresa: I think Mona is working with the new A. Possibly giving him/her tips on how to freak people out with creepy dolls.

Leigh: Well it seemed like someone was approaching the picnic table with Mona, Sydney, and Jenna. So they are definitely all working together. Mona is SO unstable. Love how she was trying to convince herself and Ali at the church that she was fine.

Nick: I like to think there's always a grain of truth to everything Mona says and does. Her confrontation with Alison in the church, and the look on her face when Alison mentions what she has done to the girls feels rather sincere. I think she's very much in this with her army and that's it. She wants Alison gone. Mona, for now at least, does not seem to have any care in the world about going after the rest of the ladies. All this leads me to believe that A is working separately from Mona since Mona is only targeting Alison.

Carissa: I hope we think they're working together and then A blows Mona's house to bits or a Mona's Army cadet's car explodes and they're in it... that sort of thing.

PLL RT - depreciated -

What's your opinion on Sydney now?

Teresa: New people are always trouble! It's curious that she spends so much time trying to get Paige and Emily hanging out. Maybe that's part of the plan to separate Emily from Alison. Emily is very susceptible to Alison's manipulations (as we saw this week), so perhaps she's going to step up her efforts to get Paige and Emily together more often.

Leigh: That she's just as predictable as the rest of them. She better not hurt Emily.

Nick: Never had much of an opinion on her now, and now my only opinion is this: so typical. The new girl is working with someone else. How shocking! Although, the idea that Mona has moles with each of the liars is pretty genius. The way she matches Jenna as they meet Mona seems telling to me. Could they be related?

Carissa: I wonder if she was once blind and met Jenna in blind school. It would mean her "powers" of perception are enhanced like Jenna's. I agree with Teresa; Mona's using people to keep the Liars from getting close to Ali again, but it's not working.

Ezria and Emison are reunited. React!

Teresa: Emison was really troubling for me cause I could see Ali working on Emily from the very start. It really made me dislike the character more than I usually do. As for

Leigh: More predictable stuff! Ezria: duh. Hot scene though. Emison: I'm not really sure how into it Alison is and I don't want Em to get hurt.

Nick: Ezria was basically foretold the minute Aria began to lean on Ezra for her Shana "kill" but I have to admit I did enjoy them coming together again. As for Emison - I have no clue. I don't know if Ali is working Emily over, if there's some bisexual feelings, both, or none of the above.

Carissa: Ezria? Now that he seems like he's in high school again (kinda pathetic nerd boy act going on), I'm good with it. I'm really shocked Emily just went for it with Ali. I knew they had a thing, but it never hit me how into Ali Emily was. Poor thing.

Any idea on Bethany Young?

Teresa: If there's a God that listens to the pleas of the fandom, she must be Alison's random twin who spent all her time at Radley. Or maybe it goes back to that spooky little girl from Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 13 or you know that other twin story in Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 13.

Leigh: Didn't they mention Bethany's parents asking for privacy in the press conference? Either way, Mrs. D definitely knows her and I assume that the twin theory could be very on track. Or at least some relative. Maybe Bethany was the blonde that Toby's mom was warned about.

Nick: Lots of ideas, but of course nothing is ever concrete. The always popular twin theory is my guess here, but who is Bethany's twin remains unanswered. While I would love to see Courtney make a visit to Rosewood I'm beginning to wonder Bethany's related to Sydney. That would give her some purpose for joining up with Mona.

Carissa: Since she was 17 when she disappeared, she can't be Ali's twin, but I still think twins will play into it somehow. Bethany Young will have to be important -- we just have to wait to learn why.

Biggest shocker of the 100th episode?

Teresa: The fact that Hanna didn't puke after drinking all that punch? Nah, seriously, it was definitely that explosion at the end. Way to announce your return, A!

Leigh: Lucas's facial hair. No for real that explosion was NUTS.

Nick: The explosion! The ending felt like a rebirth. It's not the core group of ladies anymore. It's everyone in on the secret, and working very hard to find the truth.

Carissa: Nick, you put it really well. All of the kids are in on the secret and it's not just four phones ringing anymore. With everyone involved, it should be more intense. Not lies, just survival.

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