Ray Donovan Review: It's Gonna Be A Great Year

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I hate Mickey Donovan.

Hating Mikey Donovan isn't easy and it's not done because he's a recognizably rotten person; the opposite. really. If I met Mickey, I'm pretty sure that, like Abby (and Linda), I would be swept up in his charming personality at first. It was so easy to feel sorry for Mickey in Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 2 and that's exactly what someone like him would want.

Because it's impossible not to fall for Mickey, I hate him.

Mickey Returns

It's easy to understand why Ray wants Mickey as far away from his family as possible. He is the same way -- in spite of everything Mickey has put him through over the years and all of the collateral damage his actions have caused, Ray can't hate his father, not really.

Ray has certain tells, and the best example was when the two of them were reminiscing about the one summer when Ray was a kid and Mickey wasn't in the joint and the family went to the beach on a real vacation. When Ray found himself smiling at the memory in spite of himself, he drew out his dagger and jabbed Mickey by pointing out that was the same summer her started screwing Claudette.

What would happen if Ray didn't let his guard down, but didn't raise his battle ax, either? Would Ray be able to have more control over his father if stopped swinging? Maybe Mickey would fall for Ray like everyone else falls for Mickey.

Ray was pretty certain he had Ed the FBI Director under control, but when he pulled the rug out from under him, not only keeping Mickey in Los Angeles by putting him on parole but connecting his good behavior with a joint trip for Ray to Leavenworth if Mickey slips up, Ray probably regretted bringing Mickey back and putting any faith into the FBI.

Giving Mickey a female parole officer was like taking candy from a baby. She fell for his schtick within 60 seconds. Getting a job won't be so bad. Mickey can spend time with his family and meet with the pretty lady. But Ray doesn't want Mickey to have it easy, nor does he want him near his family. 

Bribing a parole officer with a gambling problem seems like the perfect solution, but he seems cocky. He not only willingly accepted the bribe, but got Ray's watch right off his wrist and when he was showing Mickey his new apartment there was an air about him that smelled like trouble. Something tells me Ray will have his hands full with this guy.

There's a journalist on her way to LA who has been researching a book on Sully. She knows the story the FBI told doesn't match up with the facts and she's on some sort of a mission. She's already connected the dots to Mickey Donovan, so she's bound to be trouble. She's also a looker -- will Ray turn to her since he's having problems with Abby?

Abby finally had the guts to stop Ray from pounding her from behind to relieve his stress. He didn't take the comment that she felt raped very well. She tried to explain it to him better once she said it, but he wasn't listening. After lunging at her yoga instructor for a passionate kiss, Abby apparently felt desirable enough to use her body to get what she wanted from Ray, or at least to thank him for it.

She's wanted to move out of Calabasas since the show premiered and it appears she's getting her wish. Ray shows no enthusiasm for anything, and the house wasn't an exception to that. He will, however, make it happen. Abby may feel like a whore when Ray treats her like one, but she has no problem acting like one as repayment for getting the house of her dreams.

I had to wonder if she even understood what she was doing in that moment, putting herself in the very position she had earlier called foul on, but if she didn't Ray seemed to. Although Abby was kneeling in front of him, there wasn't a hint of pleasure in his eyes as he received her gift. 

Given Ray's penchant for the ladies, there's another one I'm imagining in his arms -- Ed's wife, Holly. When Ray insulted Ed by calling her his mother, that was my first clue. The most obvious, of course, is the role is played by Sherilyn Fenn. Even at her worst she's a beautiful woman. Wrap her up in a frumpy flowered dress from the 80s and she still looks better than most of the other women out there.

Ray is out to get something on Ed. I don't know what he wants or how he proposes to get it, but Holly is vivacious and loves her husband. Hurting Ed through Holly would be effective, and might cut the wrong way. That's exactly the kind of scenario we expect to play out on Ray Donovan. 

Odds -n- Ends:

  • Mickey telling Conor "It's gonna be a great year," was so sad, in hindsight. The look on his fast as he saw his apartment was absolutely dismal.
  • Conor is going down a dark path and someone needs to set him straight. Mickey's advice to Conor about pushing a kid from behind was sage. Even better when proven. 
  • Did Frances really pick her family over Terry? It makes sense that she would, because most women don't want to be with a murderer any more than they want to be with an abuser. I don't think she's gone yet, though.
  • Thank goodness Ezra is still whining about his hospital and the pledged donations, because it brought to us June, played by the absolutely stunning Ann-Margaret. It's obvious she's had a little work done, but she's not so vain as to try to recapture some ridiculous notion of youth. Rather she has merely enhanced her age and done it gracefully. 
  • The house Abby loves? That could be the house of my dreams, too, along with the one from Satisfaction. Wouldn't it be great to live on a studio set?
  • Mickey is still haunted by Linda's death. Even though I'm glad they're not letting it go, that he's always reminded of her is yet another reason it's difficult to hate him!

Hit the comments and let me know where you stand on Ray Donovan Season 2 so far. 

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Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Mickey: It wasn't always bad, Ray.
Ray: Wasn't that the summer you started fuckin' Claudette?
Mickey: That's why you was born, Ray, to be my fuckin' judge. That's always been your job.

Ed: I really couldn't give a shit about you potato-eatin', river-dancin' mother fuckers.
Mickey: Aoh.

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