Rookie Blue: Watch Season 5 Episode 6 Online

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The investigation into a dead man in the trunk of his car lead Sam and Andy to prison, where they interviewed Sam's father. Turned out young Sam had refused to give his dad an alibi which caused him to be sent to prison where he could no longer beat on his wife and kids.

After opening up to Andy about his past, McSwarek finally got back together and hit the sheets in Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 6!

Elsewhere, Traci's ex failed to make a mediation meeting because he was in a hospital after a bar fight and Dov and Chloe discussed their lingering anger over her marriage to Wes and what it's cost them. Gail and Nick ended up partnered for the day and oddly it wasn't awkward, it was fun!

If you missed a minute of the McSwarek reunion, you need to watch Rookie Blue online here at TV Fanatic. 

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Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

You didn't want to fight this battle but you still need to win it.


Out of all the squeaky clean guys that we've investigated this guy is the squeakiest.