Teen Wolf: Watch Season 4 Episode 3 Online

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On Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 3 Scott does something for the first time that will forever change him.

Relationships are tested, as is Malia in her studies. A family murdering ax murderer is on the loose and Melissa and Stilinski decide the kids should be kids for the day.

Lacrosse practice reveals that all positions are open, including team captain. Scott becomes incredibly competitive when he realizes what is at stake.

How many bodies will be found? You won't believe it.

Find out all of the details when you watch Teen Wolf online!

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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Peter: The table's Italian.
Braeden: So are these boots. Are we going to talk interior design and fashion, or are we gonna talk numbers?

Stiles: Scott, if you had used any wolf power, that kid wouldn't be limping. He'd be crawling back to the other half of his body.
Scott: If I hadn't been so worried about being captain, he wouldn't be hurt either.
Stiles: It's OK to want something for yourself once in a while -- team captain, alpha werewolf. It's only human.