The Bachelorette Review: Who did Andi Choose?

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Finally, the day has come! We'll find out if The Bachelorette spoilers were correct!

The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 11 finds Andi Dorfman taking Nick Viall and Josh Murray on one final date each and introducing them to her parents. Because polygamy is illegal and they'd never go for it anyway, she'll have to choose between the two men hoping to win her heart forever.

Which man will she pick? Let's find out now...

Andi Dorfman on the Finale

Oooh, Chris Harrison tells us that the man she didn't choose has tried contacting her since she dumped him, once while she was vacationing in Mexico and then again during the Men Tell All special. He's bummed he lost her heart. 

Nick gets to meet Andi's family first. Papa Dorfman is a notoriously tough nut to crack and winning his approval will not be easy. 

Nick brought booze for her dad and flowers for her mom. WIN. Plus 10.

Dad's first impression was that he was the most nervous guy she's ever brought home. Mom notices he's not publicly affectionate and doesn't hold her hand or even touch her. Minus 8.

The date isn't going well and Nick can't really do anything to stop the nerves. He takes time to sit down with mom and says he never wants to hold Andi back and wants mom to know how much he loves Andi.

He makes mom cry. Plus 12.

Andi talks to her sister about how Nick sees her and how he's so romantic. She seems really smitten with him. 

But Nick has to sit down with Papa Dorfman. Nick knows that Andi is the one for him and just goes straight for Papa's blessing. Papa stonewalls and says "Andi's the most special person in the world." 

He appreciates Nick's honesty and defers to Andi's judgment. He believes that Nick's in love with Andi and would totally support them being together.

Nick's convinced he's Andi's choice.

Papa Dorfman isn't expecting that Josh will be any different from any of the other athletes Andi's dated in the past. Andi's dad doesn't think Josh has a prayer. Minus 8

Andi's sister says that on paper, Josh seems totally her type. Andi thinks that she'll think until the very end that Josh might be too good to be true. So sister's taking a stab at Josh.

Josh tells Andi's sister that he didn't date for five years because he wanted to make sure that the next person he dated would be the person he'd end up with. His answers seem to satisfy Andi's sister. Plus 10.

Papa Dorfman grills Josh on the up and down of his 20s and how he's been bouncing around. Josh says he's ready and totally in love with her. Papa wonders if this isn't just a "camp romance" and Josh says no. He knows Andi's the one he wants to marry.

Andi's dad has faith in his daughter and gives Josh his blessing saying the only one he has to worry about is Andi. Plus 9.

Papa Dorfman knows Josh could make a great son in law. 

Andi has a decision to make since her family loved both guys. She says she's kind of freaking out, so she's going on more dates with Nick and Josh to see if she can make up her mind.

Andi and Josh go on a yacht ride through the Caribbean to mimic their first date sailing around the Mediterranean. He says a lot of words about their love story and chapters. Minus 2

Josh wants to spend the rest of his life with his best friend and loves their connection. They laugh and look like they have a great time on the yacht and snorkeling, but there are serious discussions to be had.

Andi calls it "crazy" and asks Josh for his last thoughts since this is their last date. He just says he's ready. He knows everything he needs to know to know he wants to marry her. Plus 8.

Andi says there's part of her who sees what they have and another part of her who just waits for the other shoe to drop. She's afraid that things will go wrong and spends all her time thinking about that.

Josh tells her she's gotta start thinking the good things.

He wrote her a note to tell her all about the good times they've shared on this journey. He has neat handwriting. Plus 10.

He made her a baseball card! And put the name "Andi Murray" on it! It's adorable. Seriously. Just the cutest. Plus 40.

Now it's time for Nick's date with Andi, where we'll no doubt hear him say that he's going to marry her and he knows she's THE ONE for him at least 18 times. 

Nick and Andi are going off-roading around the Dominican Republic to see if Nick is capable of having fun. So far, so good. She takes him to a secret lagoon to end their journey. (Guess the lagoon isn't so secret anymore...)

Nick tells Andi that he made Andi's mom cry and almost makes Andi cry. They talk about her family and their future before going swimming.

Nick says he needs a sign from Andi that it's him before the end of the date. If not, they won't be getting engaged. Minus 25

He toasts to the two of them and then tells her that he's nervous. He wants to be engaged, but he's been in that position before and spending the morning thinking something wasn't right.

He just doesn't want to be wondering. She tells him to turn his brain off and feel instead of think. She says "it's going to be all right" which he is definitely going to take as a sign that he's the one. 

"She's given me all the signs..." Oh, Nick. 

He's got a gift for her, too. A necklace full of sand from the beach where he told her he loved her. He's so convinced it's him that it's almost a guarantee that it's not.

Chris Harrison assures us we don't want to miss what happens next, because Andi will have to choose one of these guys to spend the rest of her life with. 

But first she'll walk around the Dominican Republic in a nightie while Josh and Nick open windows in their hotel rooms without their shirts on.

Sex sells, right? Minus 18

Andi has made her decision and knows who she wants to spend the rest of her life with, but first, she has to break up with one of these dudes. 

Josh is the first to pick out a Neil Lane diamond for Andi. He says he'll just know when he sees the ring. 

Nick gets a visit from Andi instead of Neil Lane. 

Uh oh.

Chris Harrison asks Clare Crawley what she thinks is about to happen and Clare says she wishes someone had come to her door, referencing the time when Juan Pablo Galavis got her all the way to the proposal spot before kicking her to the curb.

Chris Soules says that Andi going to Nick's door could mean a lot of things, but he doesn't think her arrival there is a good thing. Because it isn't.

Andi asks Nick if she can come in and chat and he's visibly upset by her presence. She uses his exact words to break up with him.

"I woke up this morning and didn't feel that something was right."

She can't really say much beyond that it isn't right. The things she sees in them are not the things she thinks are best for them. That doesn't really make much sense, but hey, sometimes this stuff doesn't make sense.

He wants to know when she started feeling this way, and she says she's always worried about how intense and over-analyzing they both are. 

Basically, Nick just can't have fun. 

He accuses her of not meaning anything she ever said to him and then asks her if it's about them or if it's about someone else. She doesn't answer and just says she's sorry.

He says he thinks she took it too far when he told her he loved her and she said she wished she could say things back. 

He's accusing her of leading him on. Does he have no idea what this show is about? 

It rains on Andi as she walks to her car. Poetic, you know?

He packs his bag and climbs into the limo talking about how he was so confident he was the one. He's been trying to sit down and talk to Andi since she dumped him, but she's been refusing to talk. Until now.


Josh is the last man standing and Andi's scared. This is it. He calls this the biggest day of his life and has tears in his eyes during his interview.

Josh calls her his "great love" and says he always wondered if he'd be able to find it once he quit playing baseball. And with this speech to her, HE WINS AT LIFE. Forever and ever. And then he just keeps talking and talking because he's prone to verbal diarrhea.

But at the end of his speech, when it would've been the perfect time to propose, she starts talking and ruins the momentum.

She tells him that from the first time she met him she was scared and that it has taken a lot of thought for her to get to this point. Then she tells him that she loved him from the moment she laid eyes on him.

He's so red and sweating because she totally sounded like she was breaking up with him. But she wasn't!


Yayayaya!! She gives him the final rose and they sit down to watch the sun set. 

During the After the Final Rose special, Nick says that the day Andi dumped him is the worst day of his life and he hasn't been able to let go of the feelings he has for Andi.

His mom believes he deserves to have answers so he can...LET IT GO. He doesn't think Josh is the right man for Andi and that she's playing it safe. And he's having conversations with her in his head.

So he's going to sit down with non-therapist Chris Harrison to ask for an opportunity to talk to Andi to tell her that he's still in love with her. Chris agrees to go talk to Andi and see if she'll talk to Nick before the Men Tell All special.

She's not ready to talk to him, so he writes her a letter. THAT was the note Chris gave Andi last week. Finally, he's getting the chance to speak with Andi on the After the Final Rose special.

He's the first guest on Chris Harrison's couch and Chris thanks him for having the courage to walk out there. 

Nick says he woke up that morning "pretty confident." There he goes with that word again. Minus 4.

He was confused and blindsided by her breakup. Since then he's been dealing with the aftermath of his heartbreak and trying to handle it, but it's been tough. The hardest part has been believing in that connection and feeling it and having it rebuffed.

He says he was caught off guard by her visit to his room and couldn't really think in that moment, but he's been trying to talk to her since then because he needed to get the thoughts out.

Chris asks if Nick thinks Andi made a mistake. "I don't think that's fair for me to say." Good answer, Nick. Plus 9.

It's Nick's moment to confront Andi. He's nervous. She has a wicked case of bitch face as she comes onto the stage. 

He says he didn't want to pepper her with questions during a talk with her, but he did want the opportunity to express how he felt. Then he thanks her and says "I guess I thought I'd have more to say."

So that was easy enough. 

She says that he deserves someone who will love him and reciprocate his feelings 100% and it's hard for him that she can't be that person. He says it's hard because he felt like she did. Ouch.

This is so awkward. Just incredibly, unbelievably awkward. They both direct their comments to Chris and Nick is so uncomfortable. 

This is agonizing. Minus 45.

Andi is putting on her attorney hat HARD. She seems really angry that she's having this conversation with him right now. He's either not hearing it or not hearing what he wants to hear. Who knows?

Glad that's over.

Andi and Josh are officially, publicly engaged and they're going to chat with Chris together. After we see more previews for Bachelor in Paradise.

It was fate that they went around the world to meet each other and lived five minutes away. They admit they've been sneaking around to see each other since they live so close. That's super convenient!



Did Andi Dorfman make the right choice?

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