The Bachelorette Review: Andi Dorfman's Dirty Little Secrets

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Now that Andi Dorfman is down to her final two men, it's time for the 23 men she didn't choose to bare their souls and spill her secrets! Oh yes, it's a MEN TELL ALL special!

While The Bachelorette spoilers will tell you how everything plays out for Andi and her men, The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 10 will answer the questions: Is Marcus still in love with Andi? Does Marquel wish he'd made a move? 

And what's the sex of JP and Ashley's baby!?!? (Uhhh...yeah, that's pretty unrelated. We know.) 

Judging by the audience's reaction to JP and Ashley coming onto the set, no one knew she was pregnant! Congratulations! There's another Bachelor baby coming soon! Plus 15.

And they're Miami. (Welcome to Miami, bienvenidos a Miami...) They'll be neighbors with Juan Pablo Galavis! Minus 25.

Just because we obviously need to kill some time, we're going to find out whether JP and Ashley are having a boy or girl LIVE on the men tell all.

We're reminded once again that this is a journey and we've all been on this journey with them, so why shouldn't they be jazzed to find out such special information with the rest of the world!?! 

They almost seem less than thrilled to be doing this, but like Sean Lowe told Juan Pablo, there really is no more privacy once you're a bachelor or bachelorette. 

Okay, okay, so this is kind of sweet that we're seeing a live ultrasound and maybe my uterus is a little quivery and I am allegedly tearing up a little in my living room.

It's a boy!! Plus 35.

In case you didn't know, the men tell all special is basically a TWO HOUR commercial for Bachelor in Paradise where Clare Crawley will cry a lot and Cody will be shirtless all the time. And oh god, BEN IS BACK. And Chris Bukowski, which makes his appearance at the beginning of The BAchelorette season 10 seem even more fake. 

And there's Kalon! Lots and lots of tears and someone ends up in handcuffs!!

Let's do this!?! (I hate myself for wanting to watch this, FYI.)

The guys are here and they're all wearing scarves, to poke fun at themselves for wearing scarves all season. It's hilarious. Plus 10.

Chris gets the first question: What stuck out about Andi was how beautiful she is and he loved what she was looking for. Marquel says that being in this situation was a blessing and said he went into it with confidence. 

Nick S. commented that he lost confidence the minute he saw the other guys take their shirts off. Plus 8.

Andrew's in the hot seat over allegedly using racist slurs about Marquel and Ron on the first night. Ron credits Marquel for the way he handled the situation and Andrew tries to give Marquel credit for things, too, but he calls Marquel "Ron." 

Oops? Minus 14.

Chris Harrison pulls up footage of Andrew leaning over to whisper something to J.J. during the rose ceremony and Andrew tells J.J. that his credibility is spent. He also says that J.J.'s allegations have affected his personal life.

Chris Soules says J.J. did a lot of drama-starting and some of the other guys agree with him, but Marquel brings it back around to the original point. Andrew diverts attention from the issue whenever he's questioned about it and only worries about the effects saying something like that could have on his own life.

Marquel says he'll back his friend J.J. and Andrew asks if they can shake hands and make up. Marquel doesn't give him an answer.

After a break, Marquel is in the hot seat with Chris Harrison! Plus 9.

 But not until after J.J. gets to defend himself from being attacked earlier. Minus 5

He stands by his actions and says that perhaps his timing was off, but he did what he did because he thought it was right. He doesn't care [if the guys questions his motives] which leads Coach Brian and Chris S. to laugh incredulously at him. 

Okay, NOW we'll get some Marquel action. 

Despite the fact that Andi and Marquel had a decent attraction, she sent him home without so much as a kiss, prompting the Internet to beg for Marquel Martin as the next bachelor.

Marquel says that his initial connection to Andi was a very friendly one, which is how he prefers to start relationships. Unfortunately, he and Andi never made it out of the friend zone. 

He didn't know that all the other guys were kissing Andi or he might've made his move. If given another chance, he would've taken a little more initiative to get closer to Andi.

Luckily, he's getting another chance on Bachelor in Paradise.

He brought cookies for the audience. Plus 12.

Marcus, who was the first to tell Andi he loved her, gets the hot seat next. It was quite the emotional journey and exit for him. Andi was "everything" for Marcus...until he headed to Mexico to film Bachelor in Paradise.

Marcus says he takes every relationship in steps, but Andi made it easy for him to open up and speak his feelings. He knows what true love is like after her, despite the fact that she broke his heart.

He still has some feelings for Andi and is anxious to see her but not exactly excited. Ultimately, however, he has no regrets with how he pursued the bachelorette. 

Oh, hey, Marcus will also be on Bachelor in Paradise. And he apparently hooks up with Clare Crawley. A lot. Minus 40.

Now it's Chris Soules' turn to sit next to Chris Harrison making that platform the platform of Chris!

Chris Harrison's first words "I don't get it." NEITHER DO WE, CHRIS!!

Seriously. No one can understand how she fell completely apart and Chris Soules isn't one of her final 2. NO ONE CAN UNDERSTAND IT.

Does he have a secret 6th toe? A nubbin? WHAT HAPPENED? Gosh. Even in their breakup he was amazing. 

Chris Soules says the only thing he wishes is that he'd had more time with Andi. He's more than just a farmer in Iowa and he feels like that's a hurdle she just couldn't jump. 

He doesn't know where he goes from here in terms of trying to find a woman in small town Iowa, but a member of the audience does.

Katra is Canadian and is from a small town as well. She would like to know if Chris thinks he'll find someone in Iowa. Chris Harrison asks if she wants to date this guy and she responds "absolutely, yeah."


Chris Harrison is giving her the commercial break to have a speed date with Chris Soules. Which means we don't get to chat with him anymore about his life and his family and his mom and how awesome and hot he is. Ugh. 

Now Andi Dorfman is in the hot seat and she's a little scared to have so many exes in one place. 

Chris Soules gets the first chat with her and he wants to know what happened after hometowns.

She had such a great time in Iowa with him and his family, but she couldn't tell him that she didn't see the foundation for the two of them. She thanks him for being as much of a gentleman when he left as he was when he got there. Plus 12.

Marcus gets the next stab at her and wants to know if he scared her with his proclamations of love so early on. He didn't SCARE her, but she definitely didn't feel the same way. 

Cody says he wishes she'd taken the opportunity to get to know the real him, and she says it was excruciating to send him home during a one-on-one. They're both glad she didn't take him to a rose ceremony before dumping him.

Marquel, for closure's sake, wants to know why they never busted out of the friend zone. She never felt that he was romantic or that she was romantic. They just never got there. They're still laughing and friendly and it's really fun to see. Plus 8.

Nick S. felt like her guard was completely up during the second rose ceremony and says she seemed like it was a burden to talk to them during their chat. She says she didn't feel like it was a burden, but she couldn't help it that her guard was up a little.

Chris Harrison takes the opportunity to introduce Chris Bukowski so they wave at one another and he starts making his way down. Did you know he'll be on Bachelor in Paradise on August 4?

FYI, Andi Dorfman is NOT pregnant. No matter what the tabloids say. 

Chris Harrison has lie detector results from the group date where Andi had the men interrogated by those scary dudes in the castle. Plus 8.

Marcus lied, Dylan lied, and Josh lied. And Josh isn't here to defend himself...

Marcus said he had slept with fewer than 20 women, but that was a lie. Plus 5.

Dylan doesn't wash his hands after he pees, but he told the truth about that. He lied about preferring brunettes. He's a blonde man. He's also NOT ready for marriage.

Josh lied about TWO things, but Andi says she doesn't want to know. Plus 10.

The bloopers make everything all worth it. Plus 10.


What did you think of The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 10? Should Andi choose Nick or Josh? 

Season 10 Men Tell All Review

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