The Last Ship Review: We Came to Hunt

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John Wayne. Clint Eastwood. Tom Chandler. Mike Slattery.

On The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 5, a funky former drug dealer calling himself El Toro thinks messing with Chandler and his men is cute.

He learns his lesson before the end of the hour. 

It wasn't with irony that El Toro was written to compare the Americans to two of our actors associated with bravery and heroism. The Last Ship is about American pride and all of the things our best and brightest want to be known for.

We're supposed to be saving the world. Shouldn't it be worth saving?


Yes, we want to save the world. It feels good dammit, and makes for exciting viewing. This hour was classic American entertainment. Good guys versus the bad guy. 

The bad guy, El Toro, took all of the good guys equipment and weapons, fed them monkey meat and bragged about his lovely residence, crafted from stolen tents of people he pretends to protect from infected people when it's from him they need protection.

A young girl who dares stand up to him, the daughter of the mayor of the unfortunately enslaved people, is shipped across the river to the sick for her misdeeds. El Toro lets our men go and he even gives them the monkeys they came for, but Slattery can't forget the threat -- if the send missiles or drones, the young girls will be sleeping with him.

They go back like all the good guys do to take down El Toro. Eventually he surrenders himself for arrest, but the mayor kills him, taking the camp back for his people.

Even then, it's not a happy ending as the boat floats past the remaining infected still alive, reminding them exactly what it is they're trying to accomplish. The fate of the world really is in their hands and supporting Rachel could be their last hope.

The developing friendship between Tex and Rachel, the only two civilians on board the USS Nathan James, was progressing nicely while the captain was out in the jungle. They are both intelligent and compassionate and their discussion about Mark Twain was a nice surprise.

Despite Rachel's feeling that she needs to be reserved because of the lies she told, she has obviously become very attached to the crew helping her with her research. Her more scientific demeanor is melting the longer she's at sea.

You can watch The Last Ship online via TV Fanatic any time. Drop a note in the comments to let me know how you're feeling about the series up to now. Still on board?

Is Chandler John Wayne or Clint Eastwood (keeping in mind Slattery is the other)?

El Toro Review

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