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The secrets all came out on Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 9.

I don't think there is one left at this moment, and that's a nice jumping off point into next week's mid season finale.

Expecting Chemo

Everything happened relatively quickly. At a gubernatorial debate, Leo was speaking in an interview and suddenly his speech was affected, much as you would find in a stroke victim. Beth's immediate reaction was that something happened to April, which caused her great distress. 

Beth had so much distress that she started crying on the shoulder of an unknown woman in the bathroom -- Raquel. I know. Whoops!

Interestingly, the only person at work who didn't treat April differently after learning about her cancer was Raquel, and that brought the two closer. Raquel isn't the monster she portrays, but is just cold and honest. At least she can admit it. 

April practically begs Leo to rethink his treatment options, because if she's going to be fighting for her life while he lets his slip through his fingers without holding on with every ounce of his being, she can't be associated with him anymore. That's pretty harsh, but she has a right to try to keep the people who think positively about her future around her if that's what will get her through.

Would April be singing a different tune if she had been through all Leo has gone through? It's possible. She's just not there yet. At this point, it's more likely he'd seek more treatment because of their meeting.

April wrote a moving article for the paper about Bruce Hendrie leaving the debate to be with his son, and in it she mentioned the look in his eyes being the same as her mother's and grandmother's. It's personal for April and even though she gave him a heads up via a voice mail, Dominic had to find out about her cancer by reading it in the paper from whereever he's on tour. Ouch.

Brenna's best friend was feeling a bit out of sorts given all the time she was spending with Greer, and even worse when she learned they were dating -- from Greer. Kieran tried to be cool and say it was OK if Brenna dated both him and Greer, until he saw them together.

When Brenna said the only person who wasn't forcing her to choose was Greer, she learned that wasn't true. As expected, Greer doesn't want to waste any more time on someone who might not be all in; she could get hurt. Nobody wants to get hurt, but Brenna was only thinking about herself.

George kind of outed himself when Sara said it was a long time since she was young and impulsive -- and George leaned in for a kiss! It was well received and we so knew it was going to happen, right? 

All in all it was a nice episode about keeping too many secrets and what might happen when they come out. The latter will happen next week for April when she's getting chemo and has to deal with Dominic. These shows have really flown by and studying cancer from this perspective wasn't at all depressing. The opposite actually.

If you want to take a chance on it, watch Chasing Life online. It's definitely worth viewing and you could learn something that will help you in your own life or with someone you love.

Who do you think Brenna will choose?

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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Sara: [to April] Oh! You're just in time. How do you want your eggs?
Emma: Frozen, perhaps?

Oh man. April's cancer is really getting in the way of our social life.