Dallas Review: The Choices We Make

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We all make choices, sometimes really bad ones. Such was the case on Dallas Season 3 Episode 10

Elena once told John Ross that every day is another chance to make it right…unfortunately it's also another shot at get it utterly wrong. 

Drew's death continued to spiral into something truly dark. The cartel and Nicolas made it look like a suicide and if that wasn't bad enough, the police eventually found proof that he had set the fire at Southfork.

I felt horrible for Carmen. It was just one horrific moment after the other with no hope of relief. How much was one woman suppose to take? So I suppose I understood her pouring all of that hurt and anger into a vendetta against the Ewings. It had to find an outlet somewhere.

But what I don't understand is why she and Elena are furious with the entire Ewing clan. Yes, JR did a horrible thing but the man is dead! There is no possible way to hurt him now. What happened occurred many years ago. There's no proof that Bobby knew anything about it and John Ross and Christopher were only children. So what's with all the fury towards individuals who may have had nothing to do with stealing their property. They merely share a last name with the person who did.

The sad part is that if Elena had just gone to Bobby in the first place with the proof, he probably would have done his best to make it right. Instead Elena has waged a war in which the only outcome is mutual self destruction. Because let's face it, if Cliff Barnes is released from prison, he will do everything in his power to unleash hell upon the Ewings and there will no doubt be plenty of collateral damage along the way. 

Unfortunately, the mass destruction is infectious. As Emma pointed out to her father, if he hadn't forced Drew to set that bomb just to get him away from Emma, Drew would probably still be alive and he and Emma might have been happy.

He was the only man who ever saw the good in me. He was the only one who made me feel like I could be normal.


It's true. The two of them made a sweet couple. It was the last time we saw Emma act like a normal young woman in love. I doubt we'll ever see that side of her again. 

Elsewhere, Pamela had to pass a psych evaluation to be released from the hospital while John Ross spent every moment waiting to be let in to see her. 

On a side note…I loved that nurse. John Ross needs more people like that in his life. People who will kick his ass and put him in his place. It obviously hasn't happened often enough.

I also enjoyed the snarky side of Pamela as she sparred with Sue Ellen before finally realizing that sarcasm wasn't the tool that would release her from her hospital bed. In a bout of honesty she shared with John Ross that she'd spent her childhood trying to earn daddy's love, something Cliff never gave (he always was a stingy little bastard) and she's spent her adult life going after men who put greed and power ahead of her.  In this Dallas quote, she told John Ross…

I see now that there will never be enough success, enough money to fill that hole where your heart should be.


Is she right? Even if he truly loves her, is there no hope that he can be redeemed. I'd like to believe she's wrong but…

Elena's scheme will likely make a reconciliation with Pamela even more difficult. Did Elena really have to sleep with him to get his wallet? He was already well on his way to getting seriously drunk. I'm sure she could have easily picked his pocket with a little patience and creativity.

But that wouldn't give us the storyline I believe will be coming by the end of the season. 

When Nicolas tampered with Elena's diaphragm, I'm guessing he had no idea she would sleep with someone else. How long will it be before we find out Elena's pregnant and are left to wonder if the baby is a Ewing or a Trevino? Only time will tell.

So it appears that Cliff Barnes will be back on our screens next week. What do you think TV Fanatics? Do you want to see Cliff get of out that Mexican prison and make things difficult for the Ewings once again?

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Oh good. You can go now. My mother-in-law can make sure I don't slit my wrists.


I don't blame JR. I blame myself for trying to be JR.

John Ross