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As Southfork burned, Bobby and Christopher ran to the rescue, pulling out Bo and Sue Ellen from the blaze in Dallas Season 3 Episode 9

Everyone believed Bo started the fire and Sue Ellen worried she'd done it in a druken stupor, there was actually another culprit that lurking in the shadows. 

John Ross and Emma rushed Pamela to the hospital as the doctors worked to save her from her suicide attempt. John Ross kicked Emma to the curb as he tried to figure out how to be a better man and save his crumbling marriage. 

Even Ann and Bobby were on the outs as Juditch revealed Harris and Ann's kiss. 

And Nicolas had the cartel pick up Drew, which led to a bullet in the head for Elena's brother. 

You won't want to miss a minute of the drama at Southfork. Tune in and watch Dallas online any time here at TV Fanatic.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Dear Ann. Such a pretty packet of poison but look closely. Can you see that grasping scubas behind that smile?


Judith: It's not mother's milk but milk from your mother.
Harris: Dairy makes me nauseous.