Falling Skies Review: Hail Mary Interrupted

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Is Tom a good leader? Or, just arrogant?

For the most part, I've never questioned Tom's leadership or tactics dealing with the 2nd Mass, the war or his family. His mistakes in the past have been well-intentioned and thought out. For the first time that really stands out, Tom's ego got the better of him to the point that he was irritating on Falling Skies Season 4 Episode 10.

Pope was right when he said that the people on the ground needed Tom and Weaver more than anyone else. Tom was blinded to what was the best for the 2nd Mass and his family by putting his own desires first. He was driven by his gut and the "sense" that he was supposed to go. What's that really about?

Was he destined to go to the Moon with Ben? It's possible. I have a difficult time believing that justifies him rigging the selection. If he was truly meant to go, his name would have been picked without manipulation, right? Anne's frustration with Tom was rational and her anger towards him deserved.

When it comes down to it, Tom was never going to allow that ship to take off without him aboard. That's just the man that he is and has always been. He's the first to sacrifice himself for what he thinks is the greater good. He's escaped death more times than should be humanly possible and there's no reason this time should be any different in his mind.

As much as Tom was annoying, Pope was not. He finally came around to looking out for the good of humanity and not just himself. He was pushed there by Sarah taking off. She taught him to care about others and brought out a strength Pope didn't realize he had within him. She also made him want more out of life. By going up into space, at least he would leave the fighting behind and best case he would save the human race.

Tom took that opportunity from Pope. In the end, it didn't matter because the Espehni attacked before the ship launched into the sky. Lexi's arrival changes everything. From her dream of Ben with bloodied hands to finding out the truth about the Espheni's peace plan, she quickly realized what she needed to do.

She arrived just in time to save her father, her family and the 2nd Mass from certain death. She killed her Espheni father and when she arrived to her human family, she went to Tom rather than Anne. With the simple phrase, "Hello, Father," the war turned around and the humans have a shot at winning.

Will they still go to the moon? They may not need to if Lexi's power is strong enough. Could she use her force to pull the Espheni power source down to Earth? Lexi's power could assist the pull of gravity to bring it down to Earth and destroy it? That would be safer than trying to fly an unstable ship up to the moon.

Other than the plans to go to the moon, the other big development was in the love triangle between Hal, Ben and Maggie. It's an unusual situation where the one being cheated on came across worse than the cheaters. Hal had absolutely no compassion for what Ben and Maggie were going through and that made him the bad guy.

I'm not a fan of the way that's playing out, but at this point, Hal doesn't deserve Maggie. He apologized to his brother, but had no sympathy for her. That's so wrong, especially since it was Ben's love for her and the spikes combined that brought them together. In the two-hour finale, I hope it's not addressed at all and the hour focuses on killing the Espheni power source.

The radio message indicated that most human enclaves have been wiped out. The 2nd Mass could be one of the few hopes left for the human race. With Lexi's help, will humanity continue to thrive? I think so!

Was Tom wrong to pull his own name?

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