Glee Season 6 to Introduce Gay Football Player, Twin Cheerios and More

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We still do not know when Glee Season 6 will debut.

But we do now know a number of new characters who will be introduced to viewers on the final season of this Fox comedy.

TV Line has come out with the character descriptions for five new William McKinley sophomores who will be introduced whenever Glee returns to the air, likely in early 2015.

Glee Cast in Action

They include:

  • RODERICK is overweight and shy with a "voice like Otis Redding." The show's new underdog, you wouldn't expect such a voice to come from someone who looks like this.
  • SPENCER is gay and has a great voice. According to the casting outline, “he’s post-Glee gay — no one messes with him about his sexuality because he will kick their asses if they do.”
  • JANE is pretty serious, ambitious and unconventionally pretty. She wanted to be a Warbler, but had to go with New Directions because she’s female.
  • MASON AND MADISON are twin Cheerios. They possesses a positive attitude are and are very weird.

Ryan Murphy has previously said that Glee Season 6 will get back to the show's "root" and focus on its core characters.

This update would seem to imply otherwise, though it does make it clear that the focus will return to the halls of William McKinley for the final Glee episodes of all-time.

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