Major Crimes: Watch Season 3 Episode 9 Online

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On Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 9, Sharon's son Ricky comes home and he intends to talk her out of adopting Rusty. Instead, he learns that his mother is incredibly disappointed in him and perhaps dear old dad was lying about the state of things in her household.

When a man is found murdered and there are two shots fired, they learn he runs a website called Sweet Revenge on which he places the naked photos of women who are being humiliated for breaking up with their exes. 

Fritz decides to take the job of Deputy Chief SOB, but before the end of the hour something very unexpected happens. Will it change his decision -- or his life? Find out when you watch Major Crimes online!

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Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Flynn: Any idea why his boss was up in the middle of the night on his computer?
Sykes: Why are men ever up late at night on their computers?

Provenza: Are you telling me that women were interested in this creep?
Flynn: See? You should never give up.