Masters of Sex Review: Caught

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Is it possible that Bill and Virginia were as high on their affair and life as the Holdens that they really believed they wouldn't get caught?

Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 4 provided a rude awakening and proved that there is a consequence for every action.

Dirty Jobs Scene

Austin, now in the throes of a divorce, caught Bill and Virginia leaving the hotel room. Sadly he wasn't that shocked. He finally realized that he shouldn't have put Bill up on a pedestal all these years.

Virginia tried to make excuses but Austin's no fool. After all, cheaters can sniff their own kind.

There is a fence around Bill Masters, chain link with barbed wire. Nobody gets throught that, nobody gets close, but Virginia...Virginia would just waltz right through.


His conversation with Bill where he turned the tables was very interesting. So should he have told DePaul? Probably not but gossip is a natural reaction in our society. Her reaction was what I was really curious for. I wrongly assumed that she would be judgmental, but in the end it was about trust.

DePaul is a very straight laced, rigid woman who has been put in the position of being vulnerable and sick in front of Virginia. For her it was about trust. She has confided so much in Virginia and was disappointed when Virginia didn't do the same.

At first I felt bad that DePaul gave the study away, but after thinking about it I realized I don't blamed her. This study is so important to her. I do wonder how she would have reacted if Virginia fessed up.

Perhaps the most interesting reaction of all was Bill's breakdown after his conversation with Austin, the firing, and Libby. Knocking someone out is never the answer, but it's clear Bill needs control and that environment wasn't doing it. He was losing any integrity he had if he let people watch.

I never thought I'd see the day where Bill needed Libby. The panic attack and dependence was a bit surprising, but we have to remember there is a reason Bill has stayed with her and not left her for Virginia. Virginia may have a lot in common with Bill but she doesn't nurture the way Libby does. Maybe it's Bill's childhood, but I feel like he needs that.

Were you surprised by Bill's meltdown?

Dirty Jobs Review

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Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Bill: Make sure he knows this evening's area of focus please. We'll be looking at men with enlarged prostates, primarily elderly men. Engaged in auto-manipulation.
Barbara: Auto, I'm sorry?
Bill: Old men masturbating!

So I'm not qualified as a researcher, but I can play secretary in my free time?