Mistresses Review: Getting Hands On

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Any episode that opens with Harry shirtless, glistening wet and wearing nothing but a low-slung towel is already a winner in my book. So Mistresses Season 2 Episode 9 definitely started out strong. 

When Harry walked in and started talking about the type of cuts he could get his hands on, it wasn't hard to imagine what Joss wanted to get her hands on. I couldn't really blame her for that fish-mouthed stare as she ogled her ex-brother-in-law's impeccably sexy abs. 

It was obvious that Joss setting Harry up with open-mouth chewer Stephanie was going no where fast but it was all worth it to see the dumbfounded look on Harry's face when Joss told him that Scott thinks they spend too much time together. That conversation should mean one of two things.

Either it will shut down any potential for a Joss/Harry romance or these two will be getting hot and heavy in Harry's kitchen by the end of next week. Which would you choose?

Savi avoided the therapist couch by getting shrinked by both Joss and Dom. Both of them were right. Savi's got some deep Daddy issues. And wasn't it about damn time that Dom brought up the baby that they lost but never, ever talk about? I was proud of him for not jumping on a flight to Costa Rica with Savi and making her face their issues…

And then I wasn't so proud of him. Damn. I couldn't believe that Savi hadn't discussed buying the house with him at all. I know they're on a break but that's a pretty big decision to make without the guy she plans to spend the rest of her life with, especially after he said he wanted to find their dream house, together.

Toni played things perfectly. She told him she was leaving. She plied him with alcohol and then she dropped her bombshell. Dom's fury led to revenge sex with taut, tan Toni and there's no way she won't make sure Savi finds out. 

Karen continued to see Anna even after the girl admitted that she's lied to her about almost everything over weeks of sessions. When Jacob asked Karen to refer her borderline sociopath to someone else, Dr. Kim refuses to let go. Anna breaks down with a tale of love, rape, and abandonment. It's heartbreaking…but is any of it real? If Karen couldn't tell she was being lied to over the span of a dozen sessions, how can she tell now?

Finally we get to April. Poor April. I kind of felt like Joss in this Mistresses quote

I can't stop thinking of April. I want to buy her a pony.


She gets rid of one lying, cheating bastard and the another one pops his head back out of the hole. Paul called to let her know he's gotten involved with some bad people and may end up doing prison time and oh…she might want to let Lucy know her daddy's not really dead before she hears it on the news. 

Gee honey, thanks for the heads up.

So is April's new stalker out to get Paul or some form of law enforcement trying to track him down? And my God! How do you tell your pre-teen that the dead daddy she adores actually ditched her for his mistress and other kid and might end up in prison. You want to talk daddy issues! 

Chime in, TV Fanatics. Do you think April should tell Lucy the truth, or keep the dirty little secret as long as she can?

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