Rookie Blue Review: Spreading the Misery

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This season finale was all about sharing the misery - but I couldn't complain about how Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 10 began.

Any episode that starts with McSwarek canoodling in bed is good with me. The second hour ended that way, too, I'm just not certain how long they'll get to keep their happy ending.

The Final Coffee - Rookie Blue

Things started out so well. Sam gave Andy the key to his place…and she turned it down. What?!? Why? Because McNally is too happy. She's afraid to ruin it but Chloe was quick to point out that happy is good. Happy should not make you nervous. And you never, ever say no to a key.

But Andy continued to face the unexpected as Duncan Moore not only returned to 15 Division, he asked to ride with her. Was he joking? Apparently not, but thankfully Nick came to Andy's rescue in this Rookie Blue quote

Andy: You'll ride with him?
Nick: Yeah why not, I just won't turn my back or try anything too policey. It will be like Adventures in Babysitting.

I've always liked Nick but perhaps never more than in these two hours.  Although unlike Nick I think I'd rather listen to Chloe jabber on about her dress than have to listen to Duncan's inane chatter because let's face it, Duncan is still a walking disaster. 

First he attempted to put down Andy and managed to insult Nick (the one guy willing to ride with him) by pointing out to Nick that Andy "dumped him like a hot rock" after Sam got shot. I had to smile when Nick told him to shut up. 

Then he ran out on his own to investigate a tip on a bombing suspect without backup all because he wanted to look good on his first day back.  It might make me a horrible person but a small part of me felt like Duncan deserved that hit to the head just for being such an egotistical idiot. . 

Nick not only spotted the wires on the car before Andy could open the door but made sure she left the building before he began working with the bomb squad over the phone to disarm it. With ten seconds left on the timer I was yelling at the TV for him to run but Nick must have been channeling Superman. Why is this guy still single?

And that's when Marlo Cruz walked back in…as an analyst with Intelligence. Sam kept looking between Andy and Marlo while they were speaking as though he'd just fallen into some sort of   bizarre nightmare. 

That leads us to Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 11. Diaz was back and Sam was quick to ask him about his vacation where he needed a break and went to the desert where it's dry. We'll all just have to wait and see if Chris' stint in rehab set him straight.

Nick ran into the toothbrush girl once again, literally. Or should I say she ran into him. I can only imagine what type of secret Juliette is hiding considering how quickly she bolted the moment she heard Nick was a cop. That does not bode well for their future.  

Even Steve tried once again with Traci, telling her he missed her but she didn't respond. I was afraid that Bailey was trying to hit on her with all of his twisted stories about fairy tales but perhaps it was his weird way of encouraging her to give Steve another chance. 

And just when Gail thought she and Holli were about to get another chance, there was a huge obstacle in the way. Gail needs to stay if she wants to adopt Sophie but Holli is moving to San Francisco for a new job. At least they had one last make-out session before it all fell apart once again. 

Misery was quickly spreading through 15 Division and no place was it more evident than when Dov broke up with Chloe when he found out she erased the recording of Wes kissing her. It was just one lie too many for poor Dov and I can't really blame him for the way he reacted. Chloe's great but this was one more lie piled on top of months of lying. At what point do you draw the line?

I felt badly for Chloe and I do hope these two find their way back together, but I understand why Dov needed the break.

However, even I was a bit upset that the gala was cancelled. It would have been fun to see all of our favorites dressed up for a night of fun on the dance floor. I guess that's not really appropriate when there's a mad bomber on the loose. 

Speaking of which, I really felt for Ted McDonald. I don't condone anything that he did. He had no right to take another life, let alone target other peoples' children but the man watched his son get wiped off the face of the earth and then no one did anything about it. For a man who already had issues, that kind of unimaginable grief and anger pushed him right over the edge. 

I was really disappointed in the Commissioner. First off, he's Duncan's step-father, that doesn't speak well of him. Then he interrupted Sam's interrogation to give McDonald an old school style beating. Unfortunately he read the man entirely wrong if he thought that was going to work. Ted had already lost everything that mattered to him and he obviously didn't care about his own well being. You could have probably beaten him half to death and I doubt he would have told the Commissioner a thing.

The only thing the man wanted was for someone to look into the police and political corruption he believed had let his son's killers walk free and it appeared that Sam was making progress. However I did suspect near the start of the interrogation that there could be a bomb in his computer. 

But if that's the case wouldn't Marlo have seen it when she took out the hard drive? And why would Ted seem so shocked when the explosion happened?

The best part about the explosion was seeing the look on Sam's face when he found Andy alive and well. Forget about the key, it made me wonder if a ring wasn't far behind. 

The episode left us with plenty of questions. Was that ultrasound Marlo's? How long has she been gone? Was she pregnant and if so what happened to the baby? 

If that's not compelling enough, does anyone really think that McDonald killed himself? I don't. If it wasn't suicide who killed him? Is the Commissioner a dirty cop? Did he engineer the explosion to take out evidence against him? Did Marlo set the bomb trying to take out Andy so she could have Sam all to her self? Or was it simply planted by McDonald and no one found it in time?

It was an awesome two hours of Rookie Blue. Unfortunately we'll have to wait many, many months to get any of our answers.

So tell me, TV Fanatics, who do you think was responsible for the explosion at 15 Division?

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