Suits Round Table: “Exposure”

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Sacrifice was the name of the game in Suits Season 4 Episode 8.

Join TV Fanatics Chandel Charles, Christine Orlando, Carla Day and Michelle Carlbert as we discuss what the future might hold for Louise, Rachel’s actions after Mike came back to the firm, Donna’s revelation and more.


What did you think of Rachel in this episode? Do you think she was right to keep after Mike or do you think she should have left him alone for a little while?

Christine: I thought Mike deserved more time and that she should have given him some space. But I can't argue with success and it appears that her strategy worked better than mine.

Chandel: I think she should have left Mike alone. Then again, I can understand why she wanted to try and get through to him before his heart closed to her completely. In the end, it seemed to work in her favor.

Carla: Rachel's actions in the library were not well thought out, but it was a realistic response to what happened. She didn't want to lose him and that fear took away any power of restraint. That meeting set up for their reconciliation. When she showed up at his door, she had a plan and specifically addressed how he felt and asked him to make a decision. Loved her line, “I want you to decide if you love me more than you hate what I did."

Michelle: I really think she needed to back off and give him more space. I found myself physically flinching every time she approached him. Even after Donna told her to leave him alone and Mike said he needed to be left alone, she still went after him. I know he ultimately chose to go back in the end, but I almost feel like he was bullied into it a little bit.

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Louis sacrificed a lot to keep first Mike, then Harvey safe. Now that his secret is out do you think they will return the favor or leave him to swing alone?

Christine: I hope that they'll help Louis but Harvey particularly rarely sees the good in Louis. I'm not sure he'll recognize that Louis did all the wrong things for all the right reasons but I hope someone (Donna or Mike) will point out that Harvey's certainly made his fair share of mistakes as well.

Chandel: I think he should be given the same grace extended to Mike and Harvey time and again when they put the firm in jeopardy on previous occasions. They always seem to pull together and pull through, so I hope the same occurs here.

Carla: At this point, I don't think it's so much about Louis and instead about saving the firm as a whole. Louis will probably try to sacrifice himself and they will stop him from doing that. Louis had a lapse in judgment and let his ego get in the way, I hope that they don't let it cost him everything.

Michelle: Considering how angry Harvey has gotten over Louis doing what he thought were stupid things in the past, I fear we may not see them rally behind Louis now. That is what I would hope to see, especially since Harvey has made so many exceptions when it comes to Mike, but I won’t bet on it. If it does happen, I will be very happy.

Have you enjoyed Louis’ overall character arc or do you miss the days when he was mostly a nemesis for Mike and Harvey?

Christine: I think I'd be bored if they were still enemies. I'm enjoying their current relationship. It's more complex and way more complicated.

Chandel: I have really enjoyed seeing Louis play the side of secrets. It's a reversal of fortune, where Mike and Harvey are in the clear, so to speak, with Louis trying to hide something. I think we've learned a lot about him through this process.

Carla: Louis needed to evolve as a character just like everyone else, so I'm glad he's not just a nemesis on the show. I haven't particularly liked the path Louis has taken this season. While it creates great drama and turmoil for the series, I don't buy that the Louis we have grown to know over the last few seasons would have made the choice he did.

Michelle: Completely! I was intrigued by Louis in the first couple of seasons, but I still only saw him as a foe to Harvey and Mike. Once we saw past what looked like an evil nature and got to see his soft, little underbelly, my intrigue turned to affinity. Now I absolutely adore Louis and continue to be pleasantly surprised by the direction they are taking him.

Were you surprised when Donna revealed that she and Harvey actually slept together or did you know all along that it must have happened at least once?

Christine: Hadn't we'd seen in the past that it had happened? I was a little surprised that she shared the information with Rachel. I love Rachel but she's not always the most trustworthy when under stress. Once you tell one person, the information can go anywhere.

Chandel: I anticipated it happening at least once, but I did not expect for it to come out the way it did. I am glad we have some clarity on just how close she and Harvey have gotten in the past, as it will no doubt inform their future.

Carla: We learned in a previous flashback that they slept together, so it wasn't a shocker. It was a surprise that Donna revealed it to Rachel. I'm glad she did though because it shows the trust and strength of the women's relationship with each other. I hope we continue to see more bonding between them.

Michelle: I was definitely surprised that Donna revealed this information to Rachel, which was perhaps why I’d forgotten we may have already known about it. It just seemed like such a big deal for Donna to mention it. I know she and Rachel have become close friends, but that seems like a piece of information that she would always keep close to her chest.

What were your overall thoughts of this episode?

Christine: I thought the Mike / Rachel reconciliation was a little fast, although it was just a kiss. For the way Rachel and Mike acted you'd have thought she'd actually slept with Logan. I was absolutely heartbroken for Louis at the end. Sometimes it feels like he can never catch a break.

Chandel: Top notch hour of compelling television as always. This season Suits has really upped its game, and it's showing!

Carla: Overall, I enjoyed it, but I do feel like the twists throughout the fight with Cahill were a bit contrived, especially the end. Why would they turn over all the files? Even though the court was going to catalog each document, it was a risk. Also, I feel so much heartbreak for Louis. He can't catch a break. No one deserves that. My favorite moment was when Mike showed up at Rachel's door. With a smile and a simple nod, she knew it was going to be okay. He was coming home.

Michelle: It was another heavy and emotional episode that I enjoyed quite a bit. It was nice to see Mike (as Harvey said) back where he belonged. But at the same time, there were a lot of complications brought about by his return, which is where this show really shines. As much fun as it is to see some of the characters getting along, it would be no fun if they were like that all of the time.

Let’s hear from you, fellow TV Fanatics. What did you think of this episode of Suits?

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