Suits Round Table: “Gone”

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Whether you were on Harvey and Jessica’s side or Louis’ side, there was a lot of emotion in Suits Season 4 Episode 9.

Below, TV Fanatics Chandel Charles, Christine Orlando, Carla Day and Michelle Carlbert discuss Harvey and Jessica’s reaction to Louis’ mistake, Mike and Rachel’s awkward moments and Louis’ actions in the final moments of the episode in this edition of the Suits Round Table...


Whose side were you on after Louis admitted his mistake? Did you think Harvey and Jessica had every right to lose their minds in anger or did you think Donna had a point about how they both gave others more chances?

Christine: Harvey and Jessica were right in the fact that this was a decision Louis made and it was a bad one. But they are both hypocrites in thinking that they haven't both made remarkably bad decisions themselves in the past. Louis loves that firm and would do anything for it. Yes, he screwed up big time but given their histories he deserved a second chance.

Chandel: I think Donna totally had a point. Jessica has given Mike and Harvey a lot of grace in the past for the mistakes they have made, many of which also compromised the firm. Louis definitely deserved more from them.

Carla: Harvey and Jessica had every right to be upset, but Jessica's reaction was over the top. She took out her wrath at Harvey, Mike, and even her boyfriend on Louis. She needed to take back control and reaffirm her position as Managing Partner and that meant Louis had to go.

Michelle: All season it seems I’ve been struggling to understand why Harvey gets angrier with Louis than anyone else. Now I have to add Jessica to the list as well. Why is it that they treat him like a foolish git when they themselves have done just as many idiotic and dangerous things in the name of the firm? I haven’t figured it out yet, but I can tell you that I was firmly on Louis’ side.

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Were you surprised when Mike and Rachel's deposition rehearsal went downhill as fast as it did? Do you think he's truly forgiven her or just acting that way to make her (and maybe himself) feel better?

Christine: I wasn't surprised but I wanted to shake Rachel when she kept refusing to answer his question because she insisted they wouldn't ask her that in the deposition. Duh! Mike was asking because he obviously needed to know and I don't blame him. For all of the guilt Rachel was feeling anyone would think she'd actually slept with Logan.

Chandel: I think Mike wants to forgive Rachel, but it's easier said than done.

Carla: He's forgiven her as much as he can right now. The deposition provided an outlet for them to both get their true feelings out, which helped them move their relationship forward. He knows she didn't sleep with Logan and they both expressed their love for the other. They have some healing to still do, but this interaction was the best thing that could have happened for them.

Michelle: I was caught a bit off guard when Mike turned the deposition into a change to interrogate Rachel. Then again, I did feel like she pushed him to forgive her much too soon and the deposition dissolving into another fight was just a symptom of that. It’s obvious he still needs some more time, but I think he’ll get past it eventually.

What did you think of Louis' actions throughout this episode? Do you think he should have just stepped back or do you think he did the right thing by admitting his guilt, since otherwise they wouldn't have discovered what Woodall was up to?

Christine: I think Louis was trying very hard to do the right thing by taking responsibility for his actions. I don't blame him for it. At his heart he's a good man who made a terrible mistake but at least he stood up and owned it. That's a lot more than some others have done.

Chandel: It's hard to say. Harvey and Mike would have pressed on to try and fix their mistakes. And, let's be honest, they likely would have never made the connection between Woodall and Forstman had Louis not tried to confess. Props to him for having the initiative to do so, despite the fact Jessica told him not to. He was a real hero.

Carla: Louis shouldn't have confessed. Once again he did exactly what Jessica told him not to do. It took away any chance he had of keeping his job. In the end, it worked out, but that was just a fortunate turn of events. It could have just as easily have landed Louis behind bars and huge legal troubles for the firm.

Michelle: Louis is a guy who believe in honor and I think not admitting what he had done -- especially when he thought that not doing so would endanger the people he cared about -- was killing him. I admired the fact that he wanted to do what he could to fix his mess and save the firm and I’m extremely happy that it worked out, but it could easily have ruined him forever.

Did you expect what happened in the final minutes of the episode -- Harvey forgiving Louis, Jessica deciding to fire him anyway and Louis resigning to save them both the trouble? What was your reaction to those final scenes?

Christine: Louis' letter was heartbreaking but it shows once again what kind of person Louis is. I just hope we see more of Louis next season. Suits wouldn't be the same if we all didn't get LittUp.

Chandel: It was both heartbreaking and refreshing. If you think about it, almost everyone in the firm has either been fired or temporarily ousted at some point during the series---everyone except Louis until now. I did not expect him to walk away, but I think there's a lot of space to explore now that he's made this choice, and space to explore even Jessica and Harvey a little bit more, too.

Carla: Tears. Lots of tears. I wasn't surprised that Harvey would try to save Louis' job or that Jessica would stand firm. I was shocked by Louis' resignation. It was one of the most poignant scenes of the entire series. My heart broke for Louis.

Michelle: If you’d asked me in the beginning of the episode, I would never have predicted those final moments. But by the time we got there, everything seemed to be happening in slow motion and it felt like it was all meant to be. Louis did all that he could to fix things, but it still didn’t work, but in doing so he brought Harvey more on his side. I definitely lost it when Harvey said he wanted to fire Louis so he could say goodbye, but it was Louis’ letter that pushed me over the edge. The crying at that point got ugly.

What were your overall thoughts of the episode?

Christine: I really enjoyed all of the emotional turmoil, specifically from characters who usually put a lot of effort into hiding them. All I want to know now is when more Suits will be back on my TV.

Chandel: I think it was a great installment, and like I said in my review, that montage voiced-over with Louis' letter there at the end was likely one of Rick Hoffman's best moment of the series. I am definitely interested to see where the series goes from here.

Carla: Rick Hoffman gave the best performance of the show. Louis' turmoil and heartbreak exploded off the screen. Perfect. Overall, I enjoyed the episode, though Woodall's deal with Forstman was a rather convenient way out of the problem. Though, given the ramifications for Louis, it worked for me.

Michelle: I too believe that last scene was Rick Hoffman’s best performance of the series, which is saying a lot as I think we’ve seen a lot of beautiful work from him. This entire storyline for Louis has had me drawn into the story and I’m eager to see where it will go from here.

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